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2. 1. Vision2. Goals 3. Proposal 4. Benefits 5. Call 3. We want to be a leading player on the mobile app ecosystem FCB APPS 1. Vision Our vision 4. FCB APPS 2. Goals To have thebest mobile apps catalogue Increase and enhance Bara fanengagement .To turn Mobile sector intoa relevant source of revenue Our goals 1 2 3 5. FCB APPS 3. Proposal We are looking for the best developersWe are looking for the best football and sports apps 6. FCB APPS 3. Proposal Official product license +30M fans on socialmedia Revenue share 7. FCB APPS 4. Benefits Avoidthelicensing cost Ta ke advantage of the Clubs international reachMarket scalability Developers benefits 1 2 3 8. FCB APPS 5. Call Join our team www.fcbapps.com 9.