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  1. 1. Mobile Banking Application
    IMC Campaign Plan
    Brittany McKinney, Account Manger
    Nick Bridgers, Copywriter
    Brent Schneider, Art Director
  2. 2. Company Information
    Opened March 1st, 1898 as Bank of Smithfield in Johnson county
    Headquarters located in Raleigh, NC
    CEO is Frank B. Holding, Jr.
    Employees over 5,000
    Services 200 cites in 9 states
    380 branches
    $21 billion in assets
    Focuses on personal approach
  3. 3. Services Offered
    Personal Products and Services
    Credit Cards
    Mortgages and Loans
    Investments and Wealth Management
    Business Products and Services
    Checking and Savings
    Credit Cards
    Loans and Financing
    Merchant and Treasury services
    Corporate and Nonprofit services
  4. 4. The Mobile Banking Application
    First Citizen's Bank will launch a Mobile Banking Application on October 1, 2011
    Application will be downloadable to iPhone users, and will also be able to be accessed by other SmartPhone users by visiting the mobile banking website
    BNB Medias campaign will run for 6 months
    April 1, 2011 through September 30,2011
  5. 5. Objectives
    By the time the application is launched, we would like to achieve 40% awareness of our target audience with a frequency of 5 the majority of our campaign.(During pulsing, 7 and 8)
    First Citizens Bank would like to achieve 50% trial usage by their customers within one year of the launch, and 80% trial usage within 2 years of launch.
    First Citizens Bank would like to achieve 30% regular usage by their customers within the first year of the launch of the application, and 50% regular usage by our customers within 2 years of the launch.
    First Citizens Bank wants to have a 3% customer growth in the company within 2 years of the launch of the mobile banking application.
  6. 6. Major Competition
    Bank of America
  7. 7. Target Market Overview
    Adults between the ages of 35-45 (Gen X)
    East coast
    Median annual household income around $50,000 to $80,000
    Hold a four-year degree
    While collar professional career
    Have children
  8. 8. Target Market Profile
    Stacy Smith
    37-year old accountant
    Lives in Virginia
    Married and has two kids, a 10 year-old son and a 7 year-old daughter
    Works full time
    Takes kids to pratices and extra curricular activities
    Likes to watch FOX News, and Dancing with the Stars
    Reads magazines like Bloomberg Businessweek and Better Homes and Gardens
    She drives a Toyota Sequoia
    She has a Blackberry
    Buys her clothes at Nordstrom and Banana Republic
    Aspirational Brands
    Lexus,Merecedes, Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana,
  9. 9. Target Market Profile
    Mike Brown
    40-year old accountant who lives in North Carolina
    Married and has a son who is 12-years old
    Works long hours
    Coaches his sons little league team
    Enjoys watching ESPN, CSI, Fox News
    Reads Wall Street Journal
    Likes John Grisham books
    Drives a Chevy Tahoe
    Wears clothes from Jos A. Bank
    Aspirational Brands
    BMW, Armani, Hugo Boss
  10. 10. Creative Strategy
    Campaign Theme: Mobile Banking On The Go
    Informational/Rational Appeal
    Straight-sell execution
    Features and benefits
    Use of Imagery
    Quick glance or listen of ads will convey message quickly and effectively
    Will show what application will look like and what you can do with it
  11. 11. Creative Brief
    Brand- First Citizens Bank
    Product- Mobile Banking Applications
    Positioning Statement- Were your safe, family-owned, personal banking solution.
    Key Fact- We are launching our new mobile banking solutions for our customers. Through advertising and promotion we have to raise awareness and usage of mobile banking applications
    Target Audience- 35-45 business professionals with families
  12. 12. Key Promises
    Your information and finance security is our top priority.
    Our mobile banking application is just as secure as face to face banking.
    Using our mobile banking application will save you time.
    Because of the value of our relationships, we will cultivate them through mobile banking.
  13. 13. Call to Action
    Try our new mobile banking solutions today
    We aim to not only have our customers aware of our new product, but try it out as well
    After seeing, hearing or reading our ads, we would like our audience to download the mobile banking application or go to the website to try it
  14. 14. Communication Tools
    Print Media
    Broadcast Media
    Outdoor Media
    Public transit benches
    Mobile billboards
    Google Adwords
    Banner Ads
    Direct Mail
    Flyers sent in bank statements
  15. 15. Print Media- Banners
    Chosen to hang in 250 First Citizens Branches
    Cost- $113 per banner
    Total cost- $28,250
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Print Media- Magazines
    Bloomberg Businessweek
    Once a month April through September
    Total Cost- $166,800
    CPM- $185.61
    Once a month June through September
    Total Cost- $364,960
    CPM- $655.00
    Business NC
    Once a month April through September
    Total Cost- $38,278
    CPM- $185.62, $256.97
    Total Cost- $570,038
  18. 18. Print Media- Newspapers
    Washington Post
    Every Sunday
    Total Cost- $244,894
    CPM- $11.14
    News and Observer
    Every Sunday
    Total Cost- $70,044
    CPM- $13.85
    Wall Street Journal
    Every Sunday
    Total Cost- $272,038
    CPM- $13.41
    Sun Sentinel
    Every other Sunday
    Total Cost- $76,284
    CPM- $22.28
    Total Cost- $663,260
  19. 19. Broadcast Media
    Country and Rock radio stations based in:
    30 sec. ad- $396
    Weekday mornings and evenings
    30 sec. ad- $108
    Weekday mornings and evenings
    30 sec. ad- $194
    Weekday mornings and evenings
    30 sec. ad- $48
    Weekday mornings and evenings
    Total Cost- $129,096
  20. 20. Outdoor Media- Billboards
    Stationary billboards
    July though September
    Locations in major areas with a lot of traffic
    Charlotte, NC
    CPM- $2.50
    Raleigh, NC
    CPM- $9.00
    Fredericksburg, VA
    CPM- $1.71
    Richmond, VA
    CPM- $3.15
    Total Cost- $246,401
  21. 21.
  22. 22. Outdoor Media- Mobile Billboards
    Will run the month of September (last 4 weeks of campaign)
    Washington, DC
    Charlotte, NC
    Raleigh, NC
    Annapolis, MA
    Miami, FL
    Total Cost- $60,800
  23. 23. Outdoor Media- Bus Benches
    Will run in September (last 4 weeks of campaign)
    75 benches for each transit system
    Washington, DC/VA
    Charlotte, NC
    Raleigh, NC
    Total Cost- $60,000
  24. 24. Internet Media
    Google AdWords
    $20,000 Budget
    Current customers
    FCB Website
    Banner ads
  25. 25. Total Campaign Budget
    Print Media
    Outdoor Media
    Broadcast Media
    TOTAL: $1,778,709
  26. 26.
  27. 27. Evaluation
    Measure objectives by
    Number of downloads of the application
    Number of hits on mobile banking website
    Increase in client base
  28. 28. Conclusion
    Ultimate goal is to promote the Mobile Banking Application to target market by advertising benefits with an information appeal
    Use of ad in newspapers, magazines, banners, billboards, radio, Internet, and direct mail will ensure that we effectively reach the target market
    Communicating to target market that we have designed a product just for them to make banking easier, reinforcing reputation for valuing relationships with customers
    Campaign will be considered successful if:
    Awareness by target market is 40% by the start of the campaign
    Achieve 50% trial usage within 1 year
    Achieve 30% regular usage within 1 year
    Client base grows by 3% within 2 years
  29. 29. Thank You