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Draft FCB Ulka

Bhavya Nagda (32)

History of Draft FCB Ulka Founded in 1873, Foote, Cone and Belding is the world's third oldest

agency and a part of the InterPublic Group. Ranks number 10 in the world with 188 offices in 102 countries. FCB-Ulka has made its mark in India as Ulka Advertising. It was founded in 1961,FCB-Ulka has made a smooth transition from a creative shop to a large mainstream agency. Around the mid-seventies, FCB-Ulka had become the fifth largest agency in India and has sustained this status till date.

Present Scenario Today 53 of Draft Ulka brands are category leaders. Brands that were nonexistent Draftfcb ulka was assigned the business, but today are case study in market and advertising. FCB-Ulka is seen as a turnaround specialist - an agency that does brand building and more. Ulka offers an excellent opportunity for the industry to build an interface with budding advertising talent and also offers a platform for young minds to hone their skills working on 'live' case studies. The past years have seen keen participation from nearly 25 Management Institutes across the country that helped FCB-Ulka develop "real-life" communication strategy case studies (based on actual market data).

Cadbury Schweppes (1996),Hutchison Max(1997), Tata Indica (1998), ITC

Gold Flake(1999), Cadburys Bourn vita(2000),Marico Parachute (2001),TVS (2002), Philips (2003), Indian Oil Corporation (2004), Asian Paints (2005) & Colgate Cibaca (2006).

Santoor soap did thorough research and focused on advertising which gavegrowing sales figures against stiff competition from Levers and P&G brands.

Indica V2 ,which took on the mighty maruti and hundai to firmly establishitself as the leader in its class.

Future plans of FCB Ulka: FCB Ulka is now planning to get started with the healthcare sector.

FCB-Ulka Advertising is planning to roll out a host of global healthcaremanagement tools to offer value-added services to Indian marketers. The focus is on effective healthcare communications in the Indian ad industry. Has adapted the well-known FCB Grid for pharmaceutical brand communications.

Departments of Draft FCB Ulka:1. Creative

2. Account planning3. Media planning

4. Research analytics5. Studios 6. Finance departments

Creative.Copy: It includes the copy writers who write slogans and dialogs for the ad or any tag line for an ad. Involved in deciding the basic theme of the advertising campaign, and often they do prepare the rough layout of the print ad or the commercial story board.


Department decides how the ad should look.This is where ideas are born, the advertising message, the persuasive marketing communication created.

This too is an area of teamwork. The copywriter, the visualizer, the art director and the ideasman or the creative director work together as a team.

The process of interaction among these individuals emerges the advertising message in which the words and pictures and where necessary, sound and music become an integrated function.

Account planning. Account planning or account management department, is the link between

the ad agency and its clients. The account executives job requires high degree of diplomacy and tact as misunderstanding may lead to loss of an account.

The account executive is mainly responsible to gain knowledge about theclients business, profit goals, marketing problems and advertising objectives.

Responsible for getting approved the media schedules, budgets and roughads or story boards from the client.

Media buying & planning. Ad agency have a tendency of keeping media planning & media buying

departments or executives different, but in fcb ulka there is no separatedepartment for media buying & planning. Assumed major significance today with the proliferation of not only

different types of print media, but also the electronic media, particularlywith the advent of telecast from outside the country through satellites. Advertisers face severe competition, in the demand for reaching out to the

right consumer most effectively.

The proliferation of the media and the specialization in relation to select the best possible utilization of the available media. 10 per cent of the advertising budget is spent on creating advertisements, while 90 per cent is spent on the media. It is from this 90 per cent of the advertising budget that the advertising agency realizes its major income.

Research Analytics. Ad agency like fcb ulka also provides add on service like research to its

clients but at very small level. This research may be carried to gather information related for making an ad or for clients need.

Now a days every ad agency does research for its clients and do it as anadditional service to keep a hold on their clients due to very stiff competition.

Studios. It is an set up in the ad agency to show the client hw an would look like. some times there might be some shooting taking place in the

agency owned studio just to spare some money the agency.

Finance department. Advertising agency is in the business of providing services and must be managed that way. perform various functions such as accounting, finance.

Also this department is important since bulk of the agencysincome approx. 65% goes as salary and benefits to the employees.

Types of Ad agenciesIn- House Agencies : An in-house agency is an ad agency set up, owned and operated bythe advertiser. Many companies use in-house agencies exclusively; others combine in-house efforts with those of outside agencies. An in-house ad agency can also provide related work such as sales

presentations and sales force material, package design, and publicrelations at a lower cost than the outside agencies.

Creative Boutiques: Creative boutique is an agency that provides only creative services. use only the creative talent of an outside provider while maintaining the other functions internally. Creative boutiques are usually found by members of the creative departments of full service agencies who leave the firm and take

with them clients who want to retain their creative talents.

Media Buying Agencies: Media buying agencies are independent companies that specialize in thebuying of media, particularly radio and television. Agencies and clients generally develop their own media plans and then hire the buying services to execute them. Some media buying agencies do help advertisers plan their media strategies.

Full Service Agency:

Agencies are large in size and offer their clients a full range of services inthe area of marketing, communications and promotions.

Include planning, creating and producing the advertisement, mediaselection and research.

Agency compensation method. In fcb ulka the compensation method is not fixed it depends on how big the client. Tata motors & Amul india being its premium clients they charge monthly fees to them where as in case Hero moto corp it shares agency with JWT and FCB Ulka. So they charge a 15 20 % commission from them and give them full 360 degree service including( creative, account handling, media planning and buying, doing research for them and deciding on the every aspect of the brand.

Methods In Which Agency Pitches Itself In The Market: In fcb ulka it pitches itself with the help of its CEO or the directors of the

company. Blogs can be exceptionally effective at imparting a companys genuine philosophy and corporate personality.

give cold calls to their potential clients by the way of showing them theirpast work or might help them out.

advertise themselves as being in top 10 agencies of the world.

a regional presence and in a way positive outlook for the company. Getting some industry awards and coming into lime light.

Accounts won & Account lost:Accounts won:

Account lost:ICICI Credit Cards Hero Moto Scooters SnapDeal.com Nerolac Paints Paragon Bags Shiksha.com ambience Mall

S C Johnson (Globalrealignment)