On Page SEO Tips, How to Create Title and Meta, Content Optimization

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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>www.seodoctors.co.inAn Initiative Taken by Pan India Internet Pvt. Ltd.</p> <p>On-Page SEO TipsBy SEO Doctors</p> <p>1</p> <p>What Google sees on your page TitleMeta DescriptionMain Heading (H1)Sub-headings (H2, H3 )CONTENTDesignPhotos/images</p> <p>Search Engine Optimization</p> <p>TITLEMetaDescription</p> <p>Title TagMax 65 characters (including spaces) most important keywords should be included within the first 55 characters.</p> <p>Title should be strictly relevant to the topic and content you have written on that particular page.</p> <p>Eg. Topic Delhi to Shimla</p> <p>Ideal title Delhi to Shimla Route, Bus and trains from Delhi to Shimla</p> <p>Wrong title Delhi to Shimla route , bus , train, and air routes from Delhi to Shimla</p> <p>Meta DescriptionMax 160 characters (including spaces) ideally should be a single sentence with minimum usage of commas. NO full-stops!</p> <p>Summary of the summary of your article Describe your article in 1 sentence</p> <p>Eg. Topic Delhi to Shimla</p> <p>Ideal meta description Delhi to Shimla - Various routes and modes of transport available between Delhi to Shimla like bus and train with distance and time taken is covered here</p> <p>Main HeadingShould always be exactly as the topic name given to you.</p> <p>You can always add some important keywords in the heading besides the main topic</p> <p>Eg. Delhi to Shimla Routes and Distance</p> <p>NO COMMAS</p> <p>Sub-HeadingsAll sub-headings should be marked as Heading 2 in the CMS</p> <p>Ideal Sub-heading Bus Routes between Delhi to Shimla</p> <p>Wrong sub-heading Bus routes</p> <p>ContentStick to the topic write content only related to the topic given to you</p> <p>Ideal word count 500-550 words per article but not necessary if the topic demands a 750 word article, go for it!</p> <p>Do NOT over-write; avoid the tendency to go off-topic</p> <p>Inter-link your articles within our network wherever possible; dont hesitate to provide links to sites which are relevant and useful for users; DONT link competitor sites!</p> <p>Eg. Delhi to Shimla write only about routes, distances, time taken, modes of transport available, stopping points, mid-ways etc.</p> <p>Wrong content if you write about the scenic beauty of Shimla or about Shimla as a hill-station</p> <p>Photos / imagesAlways try to have atleast 1 photo/image per article</p> <p>You can even have 4-5 photos in an article if required, but DONT overdo it!</p> <p>Always have a proper Title and Alt text defined for your images</p> <p>Title should be a small description of the image (max. 30 characters)</p> <p>Alt text should be the name of the image.</p> <p>jaikant@seodoctors.co.inrahul@seodoctor.co.in+91 9899995994</p>