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Communication 2.0: Increasing information reach and impact through new media and public engagement

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Communication 2.0: Increasing Information Reach and Impact through New Media and Public Engagement

Jay M. Bernhardt, PhD, MPH

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Health Professionals1,000+ Health Departments1,000+ Partner OrganizationsThe Public 300+ million AmericansPopulations in 50+ countriesPolicy Makers & Stakeholders

CDCs Diverse Audiences

Where do they get their health info?


How many screens do they see?

http://www.curcuitcity.comHow many channels do they watch? 5 todays world, the average informed person reads or listens to seven sources of information daily (Pew, 2008)CDC Goal: Provide information to our target audiences (public, professionals, policymakers) when, where, and how they want and need it to inform healthy and safe decisionsWhere do they go online? The Power of Social MediaTraditional Media

high reach & costlow engagementSocial Medialow costtargeted reachdeep engagementAim for theSweet Spot


We have reached an important juncture, where the lack of trust in established institutions and figures of authority has motivated people to trust their peers as the best sources of information.--Richard Edelman, President and CEO, Edelman. Source: Power of Peer InfluenceSocial Media and Decision Making

Blogging & Engaging Bloggers


11Social Networks & Partnerships

Streaming Video, Audio, Images

Virtual Worlds: Second LifeUser Generated Content: eCards

The Future of Health is MobileMobile users are inseparable from their devices And as these devices become more capable, they are evolving into extensions of users desktops and home communications and entertainment systems.From: eMarketer, Mobile Users and Usage: Its Personal, Accessed on November 4, 2009 at number of hours per day mobile phones are within arms reach: 19 hours(From: Pew Internet & American Life Project, The Social Life of Health Information, Accesed September 10, 2009 ttp://

Mobile Health (mHealth)

The CDC is clearly making an effort to provide site visitors with multiple ways and formats to consume this serious content, from video explan-ations to podcasts featuring health domain experts

So yes, swallow your pride. We can learn from the big, fat, impenetrably slow and bureaucratic agencies out there. Suck it up and take action.-- Pete Blackshaw Advertising Age

Feedback from Experts

Health Communication 2.0

CDC Goal: Provide information to our target audiences when, where, and how they want and need it to inform healthy and safe decisionsProvide information where people areProvide information that is highly relevantEncourage people to interact with the informationEncourage people to share the information19Thank youWeb: Email:jbernhardt@cdc.govThis presentation is the opinion of the author and does not necessarily represent the official position of CDC or HHS.