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Kaiser Permanente Ideation Project

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As part of my internship at Kaiser Permanente IT, I teamed with with three other interns to create and pitch our idea for an online share center where Kaiser members can submit and give feed back on various recommendations to improve their health care and medical technologies. The presentation was created using Microsoft Powerpoint Adobe Photoshop to simulate the navigation of an actual website.

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Ideation Website Group A

Pronay MukherjeeElyse LandrevilleKevin FerrisDorothy Lee

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To provide a lifeline for an idea to grow into a reality

Provide a stronger connection point between KP and innovation

Better equip KP to be the leader in the integration of technology and health care

We envision a place where ideas can

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Do you know about the "KP Innovates" community page on Ideabook?

Strengthening the pulse of ideation by tapping the potential of a larger network of ideators

32,101 total users773 KP Innovates active users

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GrowthEncourage exchange of

ideas through participation and


Work cultureEmpower employees

and the public to interact with the KP


ServiceProvide fresh ideas and creative perspectives to better serve members.

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Increased participation and interaction between KP, members and the public

Improve satisfaction of both employees and customers

Enhance overall culture, service and growth

Incorporate innovative platforms such as: Open Innovation, Prizes and Social Media.

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Who would we like to thank? Phil Fasano and listeners Our subject matter expert Bryant Herrman Intern program board directors Lorin Lee and

Nicole Law Survey participants

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Appendix: Specific Features

Ideation Submission Public and employee submissionIdea Rating "Like" buttonCommenting Build/comment on an ideaPersonalization Profile information: name, birthdate, contact (email)Search Search by keyword (tags), by categoryFiltered feed Most recent and most "liked"Reward system Setting measurements and rewards for top ideasGarfield Updates Updates from Garfield Innovation Room

Moderation Evaluate, monitor, report misuseReport feature Counts of ideas, comments, highlight most popular ideaseNewsletter Monthly updates for usersConfiguration Ability to add a new category

Costs and licensing Follows Federal compliance regulationsLegality Terms of service - users agree to submit their ideas for KP's useIT Compatibility If hosted internally, ensure compatibility with other sitesSecurity/data protection A secure database where information can be storedTech Support Staff needed to provide technical support or training of current staffPerformance Memory and capacity of site

Functional Features

Administrative Features

Technical Specifications

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Appendix: Timeline and Financial Estimates

Task Estimated duration* Requirements and Features Time Estimate (hours)1. Usability Design 1-2 weeks Desgin and layout 152. Graphic Design 1-2 weeks Integrated stock photographs 43. SEO services 4-5 weeks Flash animation 44. Content Writer 1-2 weeks Content integration 55. Development 2-3 weeks Member Registration 66. Testing 2 -3 weeks Discussion Forums 5

7. Launch + Marketing 1 week RSS News Feeds 5Total 11-18weeks Links Page 3

Email Auto-responders 2Member Administration 5MetaTag Keyword Optimization 5

Search Engine Submission 3

Freelancer $35-$100/hour Twitter Integration 3Expert Consultant $50-$200/hour Facebook Integration 10Company $75-$150/hour Total hours 75

Estimated budget $5,500 -$8,500

Time line Development

* Based on available internal and/or external resources

Common hourly rates