Keiser Permanente Goes Digital ADVENTURE + HEALTH CARE Strategy Proposal Regina Felice Garcia [email protected]

Kaiser Permanente - Strategy Proposal

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Some things will just remain forever bland until they’re gamified. Like health care and insurance. When Paris Daniell walked into our Creative Thinking class and inspired us to propose a strategy for Kaiser Permanente’s digital precense, my gut screamed out ‘Adventure.’ I had previously pondered the twisted psychology of pairing these two components to capture the attention of young, active and often financially strapped individuals. The digital space was the perfect place to do this. After some deep digging into these individuals’ behaviors, I concluded that Kaiser Permanente should challenge them to be more active. Not only that, but they should challenge them to challenge their friends to be more active also. They should go as far as rewarding them with small medical perks for being more active. These individuals respect brands that take their lifestyle into considetaion and provide useful content. Kaiser Permanente should close the gap between Adventure and Health Care.

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Keiser Permanente Goes Digital


Strategy Proposal

Regina Felice [email protected]

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Potential Consumers - Quantified Data

Age: 25-34HHI: $20K-$39K

# in household: 2-3

11.35% of 25-35 yr. olds have part time jobs. *9.5% of full-time students are 25-29

(*Indicates cell count from 31 to 60. Projections may be unstable, use with caution.)

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Potential Consumers - Quantified Data


- I try to go somewhere different for vacation every time.

- I love the idea of traveling

- I have a keen sense of adventure

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32% of 25-29 yr. olds who ‘use the internet to socialize and meet people’consider themselves ‘Brave, Courageous, Daring, & Adventuresome.’

67.3% of 25-29 yr. olds and 66.5% of 30-34 yr. olds who ‘use the internetto socialize and meet people’ take part in physical activity regularly.

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Digital Trends

WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY: Create a closer corralation between Vacation/Adventure and

Health Care/Insurance, considering that an average of 15.8% ofpotential consumers claim having ‘a keen sense of adventure.’

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Potential Consumer - Brand Interaction

WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY: Create something that will entice these always-on individuals to interact with the Kaiser Permanente brand. Create a loyal relationship that is rewarding for users who don’t currently have health care.

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25-34 yr. olds with a $0-$50K HHI don’t frequent

‘kaiserpermanente.org’although a large percentage of them are extremely online and have a strong precense on social netwroks, most of

them with mobile deviceaccess at their fingertips.


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Social Listening Spark

Adventure vs.Kaiser


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Conversation Verbatim

Adventure vs.Kaiser


Medical Insurance =


A joke

Non existant

Lacking activeonline precense

Adventure/Travel/Activity =

Strong precense


Connecting people


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Resulting Insight + Relevant Ideas



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The Big Idea

Create an ecosystem where adventurous individuals can interact with one another and with Kaiser

Permanente. This platform encourages users to continue to live freely and keeps a point system to

create a friendly competative environment where users can challenge one another to physical and

daring activities and set up activities that are open to others in their network.

Unlike other insurance companies, Kaiser Permanente will encourage adventurous high risk ac-

tivities, travel, and exploration. Users will be rewarded with medical benefits such as free body

massages and dental clean-ups based on the amount of points they receive. Use newer sharing

platforms such as Storify, and existing ones such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to build con-

nections and spread the noise amongst Kaiser Permanente potential users and active adventurers.

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Adventurer Proxy

- Ages 25-34- HHI: $20K-$39K- # in household: 2-3- Currently do not have insurance- Have considered insurance (Yes/No)- Consider themselves adventurers/risk takers/explorers- Active on social networks (3+ hours per day)- They are passionate in their interests and beliefs- Take part in physical activity regularly (1-6 times a week)- Part Time Employment, Self Employed, or Full-Time Students

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Meet the Adventurers

Adam, 26HHI: $28K

Self-employed musician Free spirit, risk taker

Carol, 26HHI: $32K

Part-time Marketing Assistant Outdoor explorer, goal oriented

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Adam - “The only thing that will ever love you back is your passion.”

Adam is a songwriter and guitarist in a small L.A. band. He’s been writing music

since he was in high school, and after completing two years of collage he decided

to but a hold on school to pursue his career in music. Adam likes thrilling adven-

tures and he plays risky pranks on his fellow band members. He believes strongly

in doing what you love and loving what you do, at the expense of anything.

Social NetworkPreferences:

1. Twitter2. Instagram3. Vine

Adventure Digital Socializing



Other Hobbies/Interests:

1. Indoor Rock Climbing2. Bicycles3. Shoes4. Tattoos5. Photography


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Carol - “The harder you work,

the more things fall into place”Carol has hopped from one start up organization to another, helping them build

their marketing departments. She spends her weekdays glued to her screen. She’s

aware that she never gets paid as much as her work is worth but she is grateful to

live in San Francisco. Carol loves scheduling the weekend with outdoor adventures

and she’s always the one in charge or organizing events with her friends.

Social NetworkPreferences:

1. Facebook2. Active.com3. Storify

Adventure Digital Socializing



Other Hobbies/Interests:

1. Hiking2. Blogging3. Online Shopping4. Charity/Volunteering5. Yoga


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Consumer Decision Journey

Trigger/ Initial Consideration Set

Active Evaluation

Moment of Purchase

Post Purchase Experience/ Loyalty Loop

Introduce the Kaiser Permanente Adventure + Insurance ecosystem to popular Twitter users such as Michele Richinik from MSNBC and Jason Pear-son from the band RETOX. Spread the buzz on social media through check

ins, badges, and shares.

Kaiser Permanente engages users in a constant fun challenge of adventures, risks, and exploration. Create

events for organized adventures that your friends or strangers with common interests can attend and stay

connected with other active individuals.Collect points to unlock adventure secrets and locations in your area and

redeem rewards based on your high activity levels.

Be the only insurance company that encourages high risk behavior and advneture to connect with individualswho have a ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality and either can’t afford insurance or don’t feel it’s necessary.

Connect with others who are also following their passion and staying active.

Collect points at every adventure spot you visit and for every activity you upload, mention, or share. Rewards for points include fre dental cleanings, free massages, haircuts, and other similar services. Continue challenging friends and discovering new fun.