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The basics of heme iron supplementation and therapy

Basics of heme iron and therapy

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1. The basics of heme iron supplementation and therapy 2. Natural heme iron from meat products Iron bound to natural hemoglobin or myoglobin Non-heme iron from plants, dairy and syntethic iron supplements Otherwise chemically bonded iron There are only two forms of bio-available iron 3. All regular supplements are syntethic. They feauture chemically bonded iron such as Ferrous Sulphate. Heme iron supplements are made with natural bovine hemoglobin. 4. Heme iron is natural for man and still is the best and most efficient way of absorbing the iron we all need to live and for our bodies to function properly. In a normal diet heme iron from meat products plays a large role. 5. The regular iron supplements today are syntethic and often produce gastro-intestinal side-effects which in many cases terminate the important therapy 6. In studies the incidence of side-effects with heme iron products is at placebo level. The mechanism of uptake for heme iron does not leave free iron ions in the gut that may cause disturbancies and are potentially carcinogenous. 7. Pure hemolyzed hemoglobin powder as raw material for iron substitution has been of interest in Sweden since the early seventies. This is by far the best-tolerated and efficient form of iron. Over the years the raw material has been developed and used in a number of products. 8. Unlike non-heme iron, absorption is not affected by other chelating components of the diet such as phytates, tannates and phosphate. Heme iron will always be absorbed - in all clinical situations. Heme iron is absorbed from the beginning of the intestine, which means it will work also for patients, who have had gut surgery. 9. The uptake and tolerance of heme iron will not change even over a longer time period. This is good news for chronics, since non-heme iron will usually give problems with uptake sooner or later. This means another form of therapy must be considered. 10. There is a large number of chronics in various diseases with anaemia. These are for instance Chronic kidney disease, Inflammatory bowel disease and Coronary heart disease. 11. Chronics usually receive regular syntethic oral non-heme tablets in high doses until treatment fails due to side-effects. The remaining alternative is very expensive and inconvenient intravenous iron. There are potential risks with repeated iron injections over a longer period of time: overdosing and increased oxidative stress. 12. The OptiFer series of iron food supplements are safe, efficient and very well tolerated, which is crucial for therapy success. They give an optimal dose and can be used over longer periods with no change in efficacy and tolerance. OptiFer products compete favorably with the regular synthetic supplements. 13. Please feel free to contact us. We are looking for international distributors www.meditec.se/FerroCare.html www.hemeiron.com