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Lately a number of opinions have been published with headlines like “The Safety of Heme vs. Non-heme Iron” or “Risk Associated With Iron Supplements” about possible cancer or other risk with heme iron

In defence of heme iron

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  1. 1. Lately a number of opinions have been published with headlines like The Safety of Heme vs. Non-heme Iron or Risk Associated With Iron Supplements about possible cancer or other risk with heme iron
  2. 2. The people behind these are vegetarians. They will distort the thruth and omit facts and causes for their own reasons as they see the words heme iron. And they will read published medical studies with a bias because when these studies speak about heme iron they consider heme iron as in the meat portion of the diet. What is studied is in other words the total intake in different groups of meat, including red meat or processed meat.
  3. 3. People like Dr. Michael Greger in Nutritionfacts.org have an agenda; they are ideological vegetarians with a goal of eradicating meat consumption. This means that any quote from a study implying for instance heme iron is potentially carcinogenous is music to them, and they will repeat this ad nauseam.
  4. 4. Now, lets get some things straight..
  5. 5. Natural bovine hemoglobin as an ingredient in iron food supplements is something entirely different than what is quoted from population studies in for instance carcinogenesics. The hemoglobin raw material in tablets contains a form of iron, also called heme iron. This is known to be the most beneficial form of iron in our diet.
  6. 6. Anybody can grasp and understand that a very high consumption of meat, red and processed and what goes with it is generally not so healthy for many reasons and may lead to disease.
  7. 7. This has of course nothing to do with tablet supplements containing natural bovine hemoglobin powder. This raw material contains beneficial heme iron and has no known side- effects.
  8. 8. In the real world iron deficiency and anaemia is a global problem of huge proportions. It has a very high economic impact internationally. It lowers the quality of life and impairs learning ability for children among other things.
  9. 9. Nothing will help except ingestion of iron and the best-tolerated and efficient form is oral heme iron. Intravenous treatment is cumbersome, painful and very expensive. It also has risks like increased oxidative stress. This is the reality.
  10. 10. Too much iron in the body from for example syntethic iron supplements or excessive meat consumption is an equally bad thing with many potential, even fatal, consequences. This is also easy to grasp.
  11. 11. It is practically impossible, due to many reasons, to build up such iron overdose using heme iron food supplement products as iron therapy in a situation where iron deficiency has been identified and a treatment against this has been started.
  12. 12. OptiFer tablets are based on natural bovine heme iron and will safely and efficiently keep iron counts at an optimal level www.meditec.se/FerroCare.html www.hemeiron.com