Important facts about heme iron you need to know

About heme iron

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Important facts about heme ironyou need to know

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Only two kinds of dietary iron usable.

There are only two forms of bio-available iron

Natural heme iron from meat products Iron bound to

natural hemoglobin or myoglobin

Non-heme iron from plants, dairy and syntethic iron supplements or otherwise chemically bonded iron

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Heme iron is 100 % natural, not syntethic.All regular supplements are syntethic. They feature chemically bonded iron such as Ferrous Sulphate.Heme iron supplements are made with natural bovine hemoglobin.

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Heme iron in meat courses is the most important source of ironThere are two pathways for dietary iron. Heme iron, which is found in all meat products, is absorbed efficiently and neatly as a whole unit.

The other kind is simply non-heme iron and has to be broken down in the gut before the iron can be absorbed. Most of the highly reactive free iron ions remains in the gut and cause side-effects such as constipation, diarrhea and stomach cramps.

The uptake of non-heme iron is also affected by other foods consumed.

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Heme iron uptake is five times more efficient than non-heme ironHeme iron is natural for man and still is the best and most efficient way of absorbing the iron we all need to live and for our bodies to function properly. In a normal diet heme iron from meat products play a large role.

The regular iron supplements today are syntethic and often produce gastro-intestinal side-effects which in many cases terminate the important therapy

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Non-heme iron must be dissolved before uptake. Because of low absorption reactive free iron ions remain in the gut.

Heme iron is easily absorbed as a whole structure with high bio-availability.





absorption 2-4 %

absorption 15-20 %


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Swedish company MediTec Group AB in its Division FerroCare has a strong commitment to reach people that are suffering from iron deficiency and have problems with existing supplementsIron deficiency is easily corrected using products from the OptiFer® series

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www.meditec.se/FerroCare.html www.hemeiron.com

OptiFer® tablets are based on natural bovine heme iron and will safely and

efficiently keep iron counts at an optimal level