Performance Based Public Participation

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Text of Performance Based Public Participation

2040 Transportation Vision Plan

Performance-Based Public Participation

CTAA Expo 2016May 2016

Southern Georgia Regional Commission

DHS/5311 Coordinated TransportationDHS/5311 Non-Coordinated Transportation

Valdosta Urbanized AreaDHS Human Service Transportation

Okefenokee NationalWildlifeRefuge


OutlineWhat is Performance Management?Principles of PBPP and PPQualitative vs. QuantitativeExamples from VLMPO

DefinitionsPerformance management includes activities which ensure that goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner (Wikipedia)Transportation Performance Management as a strategic approach that uses system information to make investment and policy decisions to achieve national performance goals (FHWA)

PBPP PrinciplesMeasureable OutcomesStrategic DirectionGoals, Objectives, MeasuresAnalysisTrends, Targets, Strategies, PrioritiesPlanning and ProgrammingAllocate ResourcesImplementationMeasuring, Evaluation, Reporting

PBPP in the Planning Process

Public Involvement PrinciplesReasonable Opportunity for InvolvementEvents and CommunicationsDocumented ProcessPolicies, Strategies, Performance Measures

Qualitative vs. QuantitativeHow do you measure if public participation was effective?5 people showed up, but you had great input and dialogue100 people showed up, but you had little feedback, little dialogueNumbers only take you so farHow much did you spend per person on your last public comment period?

VLMPO ExamplesParticipation Plan StructureIncludes Title VI Assurance Plan & LEP PlanPolicies, Strategies, Performance MeasuresAnnual ReportPP Performance Measures

VLMPO PP PoliciesMeetings Notification & AccessibilityTimeliness, location, LEP, agendas, Public Comment PeriodsTimeliness, location, comments, interested partiesLRTP/TIP AmendmentsComments, eventsOpen Records, Title VI Complaints, etc.

VLMPO PP StrategiesA means to an end not associated with policiesSpeakers, newsletters, media, publications, social media, open houses, events, hearings, comments, surveys, committees, stakeholders, focus groups, LEP, accessibility, CCV collaboration, partnerships, marketing

VLMPO PP Performance MeasuresDefined by the strategiesQuantitativeTrackable with TrendsAnnual Report indicates: increase, decrease, neutralNone that are qualitative

PP Performance MeasurementPublic Relations MeasuresUse the tools available to usMeasure everything we canLearn from past experiencesTechnology is changing public participation


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