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INTRODUCTION DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE WORKS (DLW), Varanasi (India) an ISO 9001:14001 & OHS 18001 certified production unit owned by Indian Railways, it is a central unit of Govt. of India (ministry of Railway).

It was laying of foundation stone of factory by the first president of India Late Dr. Rajendra Prasad in 1956 & Diesel Locomotive Works came existence in 1961.

To meet the increased transportation needs of the Indian railways it was established in near ancient city varanasi collaboration with ALCO( American Locomotive Company), USA in 1961.

First locomotive rolled out and dedicated to nation in January, 1964.

INTRODUCTION Got its first ISO certification in 1997 and ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 in December 2002.

State of the art Design and manufacturing facility to manufacture 200 locomotive per annum with wide range of related products viz. DG Sets , Loco components and sub-assemblies.

A large base of delighted customers among many countries viz. Myanmar ,sri lank, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Angola, to name a few bearing testimony to product leadership in its category.

At present the latest locomotive produced by DLW; i.e. WDG 5 has capacity upto 5000 HP & trying to make it 5500 HP.

First loco realesed by late lal bahadur sastri in 1964 ,WDM2

SOME FACTS ABOUT DIESEL ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVEDLWS annul Production -275Component are manufacture -2000 component Cost of one LOCO -25 crore(EMD)Weight of one LOCO -121 tonFuel consumption at full load -540 lit/hr Fuel consumption at idle load -40 lit/hr Max. Speed -160km/hrDia. of wheel -1092mm


Classification of locomotivesLocos, except the older steam ones, have classification codes that identify them. This code is of the form WDG5A [ gauge ][ power ][load ][ series ][ sub type ]

The first letter (gauge) W- Indian broad gauge Y- meter gauge Z- narrow gauge(2.5 ft) N- narrow gauge (2 ft) The second letter (motive power) D- Diesel C- DC electric (can run under DC traction only) A- AC electric (can run under AC traction only) CA- Both DC and AC (can run under both AC and DC tractions) B- Battery electric locomotive (rare)


The third letter (load type) G-goods P-passenger M-mixed traffic ; both goods and passenger S-Used for shunting U-Electric multiple units (E.M.U.) R-Railcars

THE fourth letter (series) The series digit identifies the horsepower range of the locomotive. Example for the series letter 3 means that the locomotive has power over 3000 hp but less than 4000 hp.

The fifth letter (subtype) an optional letter or number that indicates some smaller variations in the basic model. For ex: A for 100 hp, B for 200 hp and so on..

TYPE OF DLW ENGINESWDG5 5500 HP AC/AC Freight operation type locomotiveWDG44000 HP AC/AC Freight Traffic Locomotive WDP44000 HPAC/AC Broad Gauge High Speed WDG3D3400 HP AC/AC Broad Gauge Mixed Traffic Micro-Processor Controlled Locomotive. WDP3A 3100 HP AC/DC Broad Gauge High Speed passenger Locomotive WDM2 2600 HP AC/DC Broad Gauge Mixed Traffic Locomotive YDM4 1350 HP AC/DC &DC/DC Broad Gauge Mixed Locomotive WDP4D 4400 HP ac/ac Broad Gauge High Speed

Production Shops

BLOCK DIVISION:1.Heavy Weld Shop2.Heavy Machine shop

Engine Divisions:1.Light Machine Shop2.Engine Erection Shop 3.Engine Testing Shop 4.Sub Assembly Shop 5.Rotor Shop 6.Heat Treatment Shop

Loco Divisions: Loco Frame ShopPipe Shop 3.Truck Machine Shop 4.Sheet Metal Shop5.Traction Assembly Shop6.Loco Assembly Shop7.Loco Test Shop 8.Loco Paint Shop

SASLASLPSHMSMy four week training was confined to four different sections


Wheel and Axle assemblyBrake rigging assemblyTraction motor & gear case assembly

Axle, wheel & Gear assembly with Traction Motor

Animated View

HEAVY MACHINE SHOP This shop carries out the machining of Cylinder BLOCK main base, saddler Main bearing caps, Turbo Super Charger, Lube Oil, Fuel Oil & Water header) com bearing housing.

OPERATIONSPlanning,Milling,Drilling,Tapping,Boring Honing,Angular Boring,Serration milling etc.

Boring Honning

Angular Boring

Serration Milling

LOCO ASSEMBLY SHOPTested engines are receives from Engine Division.Similarly under frames are received from Loco frame shop and assembled trucks from Truck machine shop.Super structure compartments and contractor compartment are received from respective manufacturing and assembly shops of Vehicle Division.Important alignments like crank shaft deflection, compressor alignment and Eddy Current clutch/radiator fan alignment are done during assembly stage.

LOCO ASSEMBLY SHOPElectrical control equipments are fitted and control cable harnessing is undertaken.The complete locomotive is thus assembled before being sent onwards for final testing and spray painting.All locomotive are rigorous tested as per laid down test proceduresbefore the locomotive is taken up for final painting and dispatch for service.




After the Loco (engine) is made they are sent for final work of painting. Loco painting is done by spray paint. Skilled workers are employed who can make markings take shape and size under consideration. In loco paint shop the loco is spray painted by the air tight paint booth.

spray paint gun

In DLW, Loco Paint Shop is divided into different- different section, which under section different -different portion painted for a specified colours.BODERING: Deep Yellow colour are used for WDG4. And Dazzling white, Golden yellow colour are used for WDP4.FINISHING:Sky Blue Colour are used for WDG4. And French Blue colour are used for WDP4. FOR TRUCK PORTION:Black paint used in both WDG4 & WDP4.

In DLW, Two types paint are used:-1. Enamel Paint2. Poly vinyl Paint

For safety purpose from dust particle used glass, rubber, builder plates,cables. And resist from dust particle, Loco is spry by EZP (EPOXY ZINC PHOSPHATE).Epoxy Surface:-It is a process in paint (epoxy paint) is used for fill up all the gaps properly.