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Submitted To:Prof. AMIT MALIKHOD, MechanicalIET, ALWAR




DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE WORK, VARANASI (A production unit of Loco owned by Indian Railways)

From 22 May to 2 July 2015

INTRODUCTION DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE WORKS (DLW), Varanasi (India) an ISO 9001:14001 & OHS 18001 certified production unit owned by Indian Railways, it is a central unit of Govt. of India (ministry of Railway).

It was laying of foundation stone of factory by the first president of India Late Dr. Rajendra Prasad in 1956 & Diesel Locomotive Works came existence in 1961.

To meet the increased transportation needs of the Indian railways it was established in near ancient city varanasi collaboration with ALCO( American Locomotive Company), USA in 1961.

First locomotive rolled out and dedicated to nation in January, 1964.

Got its first ISO certification in 1997 and ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 in December 2002.

State of the art Design and manufacturing facility to manufacture 200 locomotive per annum with wide range of related products viz. DG Sets , Loco components and sub-assemblies.

A large base of delighted customers among many countries viz. Myanmar ,sri lank, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Angola, to name a few bearing testimony to product leadership in its category.

At present the latest locomotive produced by DLW; i.e. WDG 5 has capacity upto 5000 HP & trying to make it 5500 HP.

First loco realesed by late lal bahadur sastri in 1964 ,WDM2


Annual production capacity 200 LocomotiveAnnual turn-over(Rs) 5000 millionTotal number of staff 8223Workshop land 219.997 acreTownship area 520.6 acreCovered area in shops 30.37 acre Covered area of other service buildings 19.13 acre Water consumption 223.82 Lakh Litres/dayElectrical Energy Consumption 262.07 Lakh Unit / YearWorkshop 4200 KVAAdministrative Building 1500 KWStand by Power Generation Capacity 5625 KW

some facts about diesel electric locomotive DLWs annual production -250Cost of one loco - 12 to 14 crore (EMD) 8 crore (Alco)Weight of one Loco - 121 TonFuel Consumption; At Full Load - 540 lt/hr. Idle Load - 40 lt/hr.Max. Speed - 160 Km/hr.Running speed on track -110-20 km/hrDia of Wheel - 1092 mm(OD)Wheel to Wheel Distance - 1596.5 mm Length of Under Frame - 19962 mm

Integrated Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Policy:

Product of DLW:

1.WDG5 5500 HP AC/AC Freight operation type locomotive2. WDG44000 HP AC/AC Freight Traffic Locomotive3. WDP44000 HPAC/AC Broad Gauge High Speed4. WDG3D3400 HP AC/AC Broad Gauge Mixed Traffic Micro-Processor Controlled Locomotive.5. WDP3A 3100 HP AC/DC Broad Gauge High Speed passenger Locomotive6. WDM2 2600 HP AC/DC Broad Gauge Mixed Traffic Locomotive7. YDM4 1350 HP AC/DC &DC/DC Broad Gauge Mixed Locomotive 8. WDP4D 4400 HP ac/ac Broad Gauge High Speed Locomotive

General information about some locomotive product (WDG4): InstalledPower 4000HPAxleLoad21TGauge1676mmWheelarrangementCo-CoWheeldiameter1092mmHeight 4201mmWidth 3137mmOverallLength(OverBufferBeam) 19964mWeight126TMaxtractiveeffort54TMaximumspeed100kmphFueltankcapacity6000ltsLocomotiveControlEM2000withSIBAS16Traction ControlGearRatio90:17

Besides the Indian Railway, it regularly exports diesel electric locomotive and has supplied locomotives to other countries such as Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Mali, Senegal, Sudan, Tanzania, Angola, Mozambique and Vietnam and also to a few users within India, such as ports, large power and steel plants and private railways.

List of locomotive supplied to Non Railway Customers;1. SAIL2. VSP3. NTPC4. SEB & OTHERSMRAKETING STATERGY:-

Diesel electric locomotiveIn a diesel-electric locomotive, the diesel engine drives an electrical generator or alternator whose output provides power to the traction motors. There is no mechanical connection between the engine and the wheels.

In India, locomotives are classified according to their track gauge, motive power, the work they are suited for and their power or model number. The class name includes this information about the comprises 4 and 5 letters. Classification of locomotivesClassification of locos on the basis of code formWDG5A [ gauge ][ power ][load ][ series ][ sub type ]

In the first letter [Gauge]:W-Indian Broad Gauge (5.6ft)Y-Meter Gauge or Yard Gauge (the "Y" stands 3ft or 1000mm) Z-Narrow Gauge (2.5ft)N-Narrow Gauge or Toy Gauge (2ft)

In the second letter [Power]:D-DieselC-DC Traction (can run under DC traction only)A-AC Traction (can run under AC traction only)CA-Both DC and AC (can run under both AC and DC tractions)B-Battery Electric Motive (rare)In the third letter [Load]:G-goods P-passengerM-mixed Traffic (both goods and passenger) S-Used for Shunting U-Electric multiple units (EMU) R-Railcars

In the fourth letter [series]:The series digit identifies the horsepower range of the locomotive. Example for the series letter 3 means that the locomotive has power over 3000hp but less than 4000hp.In the fifth letter [subtype]:An optional letter or number that indicates some smaller variations in the basic model.For ex: A for 100hp, B for 200hp and so on..Example: Designation of WDM-3A mean"W" means broad gauge "D" means diesel motive power "M" means suitable for both goods and passenger service"3A" means the locomotive's power is 3,100 hp('3'stands for 3000hp A' denotes 100hp more)

WDG5 Preliminary Locomotive Layout:

Specification:Fuel tank capacity-7500ltsWeight -133.8tonLength -22.3mWheel arrangement- co-coGear ratio -90:21

Production Shops

BLOCK DIVISION:i.Heavy Weld Shopii.Heavy Machine Shop

Engine Divisions:i.Light Machine Shopii.Engine Erection Shop iii.Engine Testing Shop iv.Sub Assembly Shop v.Rotor Shop vi.Heat Treatment ShopLoco Divisions:i.Loco Frame Shopii.Pipe Shop iii.Truck Machine Shop iv.Sheet Metal Shopv.Traction Assembly Shopvi.Loco Assembly Shopvii.Loco Test Shop viii.Loco Paint Shop

Production Flow Chart:

CHEMICAL & METALLURGICAL TESTING LABChemical & Metallurgical Testing is domain of material science and engineering that studies the physical and chemical behaviour of metallic elements, and their intermetallic compounds and their mixture before used in manufacturing process define/calculate its various properties via testing for good quality & safety purpose.

In DLW, Testing Lab is divided in various section like that chemical, physical, metallography section etc.

Basic Properties of metal:i. Physical propertiesii. Mechanical propertiesiii. Chemical propertiesiv. And properties like Thermal, Electrical, Magnetic

ENGINE ERACTION SHOPEngine eraction shop (EES) is part of Engine Division. In EES, Eraction means built engine with assembly different-different items of engine, In these under shop deals with different items parts assembly and different items of engine.In under shop two types Engine eracted;ALCO 2. GM



PRODUCTION PLANNING AND CONTROL OFFICEProduction control is the task of predicting, planning and scheduling work, taking into Account manpower, material availability and other capacity restrictions, and cost so as to achieve proper quality and quantity at time it is needed and then following up the schedule to see that the plan is carried out, using whatever systems have proven satisfactory for the purpose.

Production And Planning Control Function