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Mapbox Surface ApiYour own custom geo api

A REST API that allows users to programmatically query data within a map


RecapAll data stored as vector tilesCoordinate converted to ZXYLoad corresponding tileParse data of vector tileFind 2 closest objects to in tileInterpolate All done asynchronously,36.05322;-112.083914,36.053573;-112.083965,36.053845Sample Request urlmapbox.mapbox-terrain-v1.jsonMapbox mapidRequired. Only can specify 1 mapid.layerlayer=contourRequired. Only can specify 1 layer.

fields=elefieldsAt least 1 field required. Can add more separated via a comma.

layerfieldfieldfields=house_num,osm_idfieldsAt least 1 field required. Can add more separated via a comma.points=-112.084004,36.05322;-112.083914,36.053573;-112.083965,36.053845pointsAt least 1 point required. Can add more separated via a semi-colon.

Volume demo of features300 PointsAverage response time: 400ms*


6 tiles, ~1,000 features

1 tile, potentially many more features> zoom level = more tiles but less featuresLimitsmax 300 point limitmax 70 vector tilesExtremely dense tilesFuture


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