An Introduction to MapBox

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  • 1.What is MapBox? A company A cloud-based maphosting service A set of tools fordesign anddeployment of maptiles

2. MapBox & the Modern Web 3. MapBox & the Modern Web Speaks the language ofmodern web development Stylesheets ( CSS-like ) Scripting ( JavaScript ) Well-defined specifications 4. MapBox & the Modern Web Shares the same goals of modern webdevelopment Separation of concerns Service-oriented (RESTful services) Platform agnostic Offline support Well-defined specifications (JSON) Open source 5. The MapBox Stack TileMill Carto MBTiles TileStream TileJSON Wax 6. Carto Defines map tile & label styles easy to comprehend Interchangeable shareable 7. MBTiles a well-defined specification for storing tiled mapdata in SQLite for immediate usage & transfer defines metadata & tiles 8. TileStreamServes up MBTiles Asynchronous Event-driven Efficient memory usage Server-side JavaScript 9. TileJSON a well-defined open standard forrepresenting map metadata map tile REST resource locations interaction templateshttp://localhost:8888/v2/FEMA_FloodMaps/{z}/{x}/{y}.png 10. Wax connector library for numerous JavaScriptmapping services