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  • 1. It takes a
    to create
    a hospital
    Lisa Schulte & Robin Stevens. Nursing Program . SUNY Ulster
    Hope Windle . Instructional Designer . SUNY Ulster
    Sherry Chisamore . Director of Distance Learning . SUNY Ulster
    Jim Greenberg . Director Teaching, Learning and Technology Center . SUNY Oneonta
    Dan Plows . Student Intern . SUNY Oneonta

2. Audience Survey Show of hands
Who is familiar with 2nd Life?
Who has an avatar in 2nd Life?
Who is teaching in 2nd Life or other virtual worlds?
Who is doing Nursing Education in 2nd Life?
Who is building in 2nd Life?
Nursing Educations need
Our Process to incorporate 2nd Life into curriculum
Cost of $ and Time
Training Building
Teaching & Learning
Your questions
4. Need for - Alternative to traditional lecture style classroom- Increased Hands-on learning experience
Limited available clinical sites
5. The increasing complexity andwidespread use of technology in healthcare has greatly increased the importance of teaching technology skills in the classroom.
6. Tacoma County Community College
7. Duke University
8. Duke University
9. Glasgow University
10. SUNY Ulster Nursing Mini-Grant

  • Integrate learning technologies into the classroom.

11. Institute a forward-thinking transformation that will enhance student success and improve overall retention rates. 12. Provide additional educational opportunities for students to practice critical thinking skills beyond the clinical setting. 13. Incorporates NLN Core Competency of "Facilitator of Learning 14. High attrition rates are costly to the student, the school and the community

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