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SUNY Ulster County Community College. History of the EOP Program Was established in the late 1960’s Currently exists at 45 campuses Total graduates number

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Text of SUNY Ulster County Community College. History of the EOP Program Was established in the late...

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  • SUNY Ulster County Community College
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  • History of the EOP Program Was established in the late 1960s Currently exists at 45 campuses Total graduates number over 44,000 Most continue to work and contribute to New York States economic and social fabric
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  • What is the purpose of the EOP Program? Provide access to college for disadvantaged students who show the potential to succeed despite poor preparation and limited financial resources Provide the students a structured support and enrichment program including counseling and tutoring Give financial assistance to program students Collect, analyze and report data pertaining to student enrollment and performance
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  • What are the eligibility criteria? New York State resident for 12 months prior to enrollment Demonstrate potential for completing a college program In need of financial assistance within established income guidelines Exceptions can be made to income eligibility criteria based on warranted unusual and extenuating circumstances with supporting documentation
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  • Economic Eligibility Chart 09/10 Household SizeCategory ACategory BCategory C 115,59021,00023,710 221,00026,41029,120 326,42031,83034,540 431,83037,24039,950 537,24042,65045,360 642,65048,06050,770 748,06053,47056,180
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  • Structure of EOP Program at SUNY Ulster County Community College EOP Director Two half time EOP counselors EOP clerical assistant 142 students for the 2009-2010 Academic Year 145 students in the 2008-2009 year
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  • Demographics of Ulster EOP population-2008/2009 58% 1 st year students - 42% 2 nd year students 10% African American 10% Hispanic 2.5% Asian/Pacific Islander 57% female 13 EOP graduates in 2008
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  • Experience of an EOP Student Students are identified during the July-August enrollment period Students are packaged with EOP funds and assigned to a counselor All EOP students meet with the EOP Director to initially sign an EOP agreement and be advised on the program expectations and benefits EOP students academic progress is monitored through the use of the Early Alert system and an end-of-semester review
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  • EOP Services Direct Aid All EOP students are given a direct aid grant of $100- $400 based on unmet financial need This is money that applies to both semesters of the academic year and does not need to be repaid Included as part of the students financial aid package
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  • EOP Services - Tutoring Times Squared: The Math Place math tutoring center with peer and professional tutors available. Help available in topics from Pre-Algebra to Calculus The Writing Center Tutors available to assist students with writing assignments applicable to any class, not just English courses. Students accommodated on a drop-in basis Student Services Center Study skills resources are available at no charge to the student
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  • EOP Services - Counseling EOP Director and EOP Counselors are available to counsel students in financial, academic and personal school related issues Career Counseling - available through the Student Services Center. Job search letters, interview skills, and job search strategies are some of the topics covered Transfer Counseling - available through the Transfer Office. Transfer procedures, program information, resource books and application assistance are available
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  • EOP Workshops Workshops are offered in both Fall and Spring Semesters Co-Sponsored with Student Support Services Scheduled during the student weekly activity hour EOP students attend at least one workshop per semester Fall 200 topics include: What is my Learning Style?, Time Management, Career Services, Understanding Financial Aid and Study Skills/Note Taking
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  • EOP Events EOP Awards Ceremony Occurs in the spring semester. The ceremony is hosted by the college President, Dr. Donald Katt. Students are honored for their academic achievements.
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