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Ulster Life Magazine - May 2014

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  • MAY 2014

    Perfect bridalwear in Lurgan,

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    What a difference a few weeks make. The doom and gloom of what feels like the longest recession ever seems to be finally lifting and thats evident right across the country but nowhere more so than on the Lisburn Road where many empty units now bustle with shop fitters and opportunity. Weve a selection of some of the best businesses on the LBR in this issue. Ciaran McMenamin from the exciting new design company Lignum Interiors chats to UL about his journey and we have your usual fashion and beauty fix from Eve Brannon & Cathy Martin. Our feature fashion shoot was shot on location at the luxurious Marker Hotel in Dublin. This issue is dedicated to the Memory of our Friends son Oscar Knox who passed away on the May 8th 2014 Click here to donate.

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    Ulster Life Magazine180 Gortgole RoadPortglenoneCo. AntrimBT44 8AP

    T: +44 777 2002 777E: [email protected]

    Publisher: Barry ODohertyFeature Contributors:Eve BrannonCathy MartinOonagh McClureJourdan McManus

    All rights reserved. For editorial requests, please contact the editor. All views expressed in Ulster Life, whether that of a contributor, interviewee or advertiser do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Ulster Life ( or the publisher personally. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of articles within Ulster Life and we the publishers cannot be held responsible for the use of the information it publishes. If you would like any copies of pictures or articles within Ulster Life or please contact us directly. If we discover our work being used by a third party without permission, legal action may be taken if not resolved within 5 working days to our satisfaction. In some cases we will require royalty fees if use is for commercial purpose. The use of is restricted to general interest purposes only. The user accepts a charge of 9,950 if it is proven they are using the site to solicit our clients for advertising purposes.

    Magherafelt, p41 Junk Kouture, pg10

    Miss NI, pg6 Spa Slueth, pg14

    Fashion, pg 24Fashion Shoot, pg18 Weddings, pg56


    Rebekah Shirley has been crowned the 2014 Open + Direct Miss Northern Ireland winner at a glittering black tie event at the Europa Hotel, Belfast on Monday 12th May.

    The stunning 18-year-old student from Ballymoney impressed the panel of judges on the night with her beauty, charm and personality - giving her the winning edge over twenty-five other finalists, to acquire the coveted crown from previous titleholder Meagan Green.

    The exclusive gala final was a glamorous affair hosted by UTVs

    Rebekah Shirley is crowned 2014Open + Direct Miss Northern Ireland

    Marc Mallet and former Miss Northern Ireland and television presenter, Joanne Salley.

    Contest organiser and Managing Director of top Belfast modelling agency ACA Models, Alison Clarke said: We are thrilled that Rebekah has won the title. Although the standard of talent has been extremely high this year, Rebekah has really sparkled throughout the contest and she certainly wowed the judging panel on the night.

    Winner Rebekah said: I am absolutely delighted to wear the Miss Northern Ireland crown and be

    given the opportunity to represent Northern Ireland in this way! Taking part in the contest has been such an immense experience and I never thought I would come this far.

    Ive always looked up to previous Miss Northern Ireland winners, so I hope to follow in their footsteps and become a positive role model for other local girls. Winning this title is undoubtedly life-changing and I cant wait to see what the future has in store for me!

    Colin McEvoy, Head of contest sponsor Open + Direct said: Everyone at Open + Directs 15 branches across Northern Ireland has been cheering on their local finalists but were delighted that Rebekah has taken home the top prize. Rebekah demonstrates the perfect balance of charm and beauty, which marks her out as the perfect ambassador for Northern Ireland. Everyone at Open + Direct wishes her all the best in her campaign for the Miss World title.

    Rebekah will receive an extensive prize package worth thousands of pounds including a years modelling contract with ACA Models, an all-expenses p

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