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SUNY Ulster - JULYHistory of Greek Mathematics:Greece, Turkey & Italy 2010 Trip

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Join Prof. V. Frederick Rickey (West Point) and Asst. Prof. Douglas R.Furman (SUNY Ulster) on a 10 day Mathematical Tour in Greece.This tour will be offered in conjunction with a 3 credit (5 week – 15hour) course which will focus on the mathematics on the Ancient Greek world. The course is scheduled to run May 25 through June 22.We will learn about the mathematics and lives of: Thales, Pythagoras, Euclid, Archimedes andAristarchus to name a few.The only prerequisites for those taking the course for credit, are an interest in the history of math, college level reading and writing and basic math skills.During our trip we will visit the cities associated with the famous mathematicians of the ancientGreek world, as well as the major cultural icons to learn about the various aspects of ancient Greekculture (mathematics, myth, art, philosophy, history and society)For further information on Academics, please contact:Douglas R. FurmanAssistant Professor of MathematicsSUNY Ulster County Community [email protected] 845 688 1576Richard CattabianiDirector of International ProgramsSUNY Ulster County Community [email protected] 845 687 5135

Text of SUNY Ulster - JULYHistory of Greek Mathematics:Greece, Turkey & Italy 2010 Trip

  • 1. SUNY Ulster - JULY 2010History of Greek Mathematics:Greece, Turkey & Italy

2. I would like to express my gratitude to the following individuals and groups who have contributed to the success of this course and mathematical tour:
President Katt and the SUNY Ulster Board of Trustees
Victoria St. John-Gilligan and the St. John Family Fund
Marianne Collins and the SUNY Ulster Foundation
Dean of Academics: Dr. John Ganio
Director of International Programs: Richard Cattabiani
Adjunct Professor of Art: Frank Boyer, SUNY Ulster
Professor of Mathematics: Dr. V. Frederick Rickey, USMA West Point
Assistant Professor of Philosophy: Ah Tau Teo, SUNY Ulster
Assistant Professor of History: Dr. Nichola Harris, SUNY Ulster
Professor of Classics: Dr. Carolyn Dewald, Bard College
Professor of Physics: Dr. Theo J. Mertzimekis,
Institute Of Nuclear Physics, Greece
Kari Mack, Judith Perry and the Macdonald DeWitt Library
Instructional Designer: Hope Windle
Instructional Design Student Aide: Scott McDonald
Lily Levy-Harhay and Total Tours International
3. The Parthenon
4. Miguel Discussing the Antikythera Mechanismat the National Archeological Museum (Athens)
5. Prof. Theo J. MertzimekisDiscussing Ancient Astronomy
6. Hellenic Cosmos: Cultural CenterHistory of Greek Mathematics
7. Thales: Measuring the Pyramids
8. Euclid: I.47
9. Raphaels School of Athens
10. Ferry to Samos
11. Samos
12. Pythagorio Village
13. Pythagoras of Samosc. 569 BCE c. 475 BCE
14. Tunnel of Eupalinos Entrance c. 550 BCE
15. Tunnel of Eupalinosc. 550 BCE
16. Ken Descending
17. Inside the Tunnel
18. Turkey (a.k.a. Asia Minor)
19. Ephesus, Turkey
20. Library of Celsus, 135 CE
21. Ephesus
22. Kaitlyn Presenting at Ephesus
23. Lunchtime in Turkey
24. Where Does Silk Thread Come From?
25. Handmade Carpets
26. Attention to Detail!
27. Carpets Galore!
28. Arriving in Mykonos
29. Mykonos
30. Getting from A to B
31. B
32. View from the Hotel
33. A Better View from Hotel
34. The Mediterranean Sea
35. Delos
36. Delos: Archeological Ruins
37. Solving the Delian Problem
38. Front Row Seats!
39. Fred and Charlotte at the Parthenon Museum
40. Magna Graecia(Greater Greece)
41. Fontana di DianaArchimedes Plaza, Syracuse, Sicily
42. Fred and AnnaPiazza Archimede
43. Getting from A to B
44. Duomo di Siracusa(Syracuse Cathedral)
45. Catholic Church IncorporatingColumns of a Greek Temple
46. Inside the Church
47. Roman AmphitheaterArcheological Park, Syracuse, Sicily
48. Greco Teatro(Greek Theater)
49. Archimedes Technology Park
50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. What Accomplishment was Archimedes Proudest of?
57. Model of City Walls & Fortifications
58. Castello Eurialo(Eryalus Castle)
59. Defensive Moat
60. TunnelPart of the Castles Fortifications
61. Tunnel Entrance(from Moat)
62. Defenders Side of Entrance
63. Syracuses Seawall(also Defended by Archimedes)
64. 65. The Death of Archimedes212 BCE 2nd Punic War
66. Taormina, Sicily
67. Looking in the Other Direction
68. Mt. Etna
69. Lava Flow
70. Trails Along the Lava Fields
71. Adventurous Mathematicians!
72. You Cant Get There From Here
73. Lunchtime on the Slopes of Mt. Etna
74. Winepress
75. ROME
76. The Pantheon (126 CE)Romes Most Complete Building from Antiquity
77. Inside the Pantheon
78. The Oculus
79. Geometry in Architecture
80. Down-Time in Rome
81. We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. - T. S. Eliot

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