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  • 1. Hong Kha Landon San Jose & PhillipsSakai Tools thatEngage students

2. Introductions Hong Kha San Jose! Manager of the Technology and Learning group! Adjunct Faculty! Pepperdine University!!! ! 3. Introductions Landon Phillips! Multimedia Specialist of the Technology and Learning group.! Pepperdine University !!! 4. IntroductionsEncino!Irvine! Malibu! West L.A.! Westlake Village! 5. 3 Components for onlinedesign1!! .Transferringcontent 6. 3 Components for onlinedesign2!! .AdministratingClassroom management 7. 3 Components for onlinedesign3!! .Learningactivities 8. 3 Components for onlinedesignThis session is where instructional design meetspractice, to model ways to engage students in Sakai. "Well provide design models that will help facultychange students from being passive learners to activelearners. ! 9. Active Learning!"Learning is not a spectator sport. Students do not learn muchjust by sitting in class listening to teachers, memorizingrepackaged assignments, and spitting out answers. They must talkabout what they are learning, write about it, relate it to pastexperiences, apply it to their daily lives. They must make whatthey learn part of themselves" !(Chickering & Gamson, 1987)! 10. Active Learning!"In a typical classroom setting, students are often only passivelyin learning, i.e., in listening to the instructor, looking at theoccasional overhead or slide, and reading (when required) thetextbook. Research shows that passive involvement generallyleads to a limited retention of knowledge by students." !(McKeachie, W.J., 1998)! 11. Types of active learningactivities1. Student-Faculty Contact!2. Cooperation among Students!3. Active Learning!4. Gives Prompt Feedback!5. Time on Task!6. Communicates High Expectations!7. Respects Diverse Talents and Ways of Learning! 12. Active Learning!Tell me and Ill forget; !show me and I may remember; !involve me and Ill understand. !! -Chinese Proverb! 13. Types of active learningactivities(!"Active! Passive!!!" Learning! Learning! )!" &!"*!" %!" +!" $!" #!"!" #!"!",-./0"134"122"122" 9237" :23;" 5"5"67.82"9237" Knowledge retention rates after 2 weeks! 14. Pedagogy Strategies Create /! Synthesis!Evaluate / !Evaluation!Analyze / Analysis! Understand / Comprehension! Remember / Knowledge!Blooms Taxonomy! 15. Pedagogy StrategiesVerbs! Activity! Tech! Dene! Read!Identify! Watch! Recall!Listen! Remember / Knowledge! 16. Pedagogy StrategiesVerbs!Activity! Tech!Paraphrase! Role Playing!Explain!Speech! Summary! Compare!-Forum!-Blog!Understand / Comprehension! 17. Pedagogy Strategies Verbs!Activity!Tech! Compare !Collaborative ! -Forum!-Blog! Research! Research ! -Quizzes /!Polls!Summarize! Paper!Analyze / Analysis! 18. Pedagogy Strategies Verbs! Activity!Tech!Construct!Peer-to-Peer!-Forum! Develop! Review!-Blog! Plan! Produce! Change!Evaluate / Evaluation! 19. Pedagogy Strategies Verbs!Activity!Tech! Compare !Project(s)! Research!Role Play!Summarize!Invent!?-7@A">BC-0" 22. Reflections 23. Production 24. Production 25. Social LearningForums 26. Inappropriate Messages Student: Hello Professor. I didnt know the assignment was due today. " Instructor: Did you read the assignments " rubric? 27. Inappropriate Messages Student: Hello Professor. I Instructor: Hello Daisy! You didnt know the assignment can find the guidelines for this was due today.week s assignment in the " rubric, which is stored on our Courses site. Check the " Assignments page and it should be there. Let me know if you need anything else. ! 28. Inappropriate MessagesSteven: Design principle? Um,I think that was the one where the guy said that thing aboutthe stuff."Kaylie: Steven, how dumb can you be?! We went over that five times last class! What is wrong with you?!" 29. Inappropriate MessagesInstructor: Kaylie dont talklike that to him. You dontalways answer correctly either,no one is perfect. 30. Inappropriate Messages Instructor: Classas you know from the syllabus my aim is for us to maintain a professional atmosphere, in the classroom and online, in which there is no room for personal attacks. Please keep this in mindInstructor: Kaylie dont talk as we move that to him. You dontalways answer correctly Kaylie, please see the email Ive sent toeither,no one is perfect. your inbox."" 31. Forums 32. Embedding media in Forums !"#$%&()"#*" D2;EF-A"" G.H.8"IJKL==MMME82;EF-A"3/;"N/;"3" 72C2O3/8"O.;2-" P/;27"8I2"O.;2-Q"FC.FR"S1I372ES" ?-7@A">BC-0" 36. Questions?ReferencesY--0C2",-FL"IJKL==Z37A$EH83[FE.FR7EF-A=+#)!=#+#+!(($)];*V+*ZF;&!]-EK/0"Y--0C2";-FH"#L"IJKL==@KC-3;EM.R.A2;.3E-70=M.R.K2;.3=I2=#=#(=Y--0C2],-FH]C-0-EK/0"1C.;2HI372L"IJKL==MMMEHC.;2HI372E/28=.A302H=C-0-=K72HH>C-0-H=HC.;2HI372]**!T*!EK/0"DU,L"IJKL==MMME82T8@3CC4E-70=8O=37FI.O2H=#!=!+=!$=DU,^#!_-0-EK/0"Y--0C2L"IJKL==MMMEH2-A-Z-EF-A=;-M/C-3;H=/2M>0--0C2>C-0->R/-FR-`EK/0"a-@D@V2L"IJKL==HE4[A0EF-A=48=.A0=C-0-H=4-@8@V2]C-0-]H83/;37;]303./H8MI.82>Ob-c&]EK/0"W-;F3H8L"IJKL==@KC-3;EM.R.A2;.3E-70=M.R.K2;.3=V37=3=3+=dKKC2]W-;F3H8]C-0-EK/0"6.R.L"IJKL==MMMEM.R.H4AE-70=MH#!=]A2;.3=M.R.O.eL*!!KT>M.R.K2;.3>C-0->O#EK/0fF3FI2g"G-.F28I723;L"IJKL==823FI27F3H8E/28=MK>F-/82/8=@KC-3;H=#!#=!#=G-.F2DI723;>_-0-EK/0"Y--0C2".F-/HL"IJKHL==3FF-@/8HE0--0C2EF-A=127O.F2_-0./fH27O.F2gM7.82C45K3HH.O2g#!(%!!5F-/[/@2gIJKHL==;-FHE0--0C2EF-A=f83V^+,.-^#+5Z-CC-M@KgIJKHL==;-FHE0--0C2EF-A=f83V^+,.-5C8AKCgI-A2K302"""""