What tools can we use to engage online? slide 0

What tools can we use to engage online?

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This slideset is part of much longer slideshow I use to talk about online community engagement.


1.What tools can we use?2. BLOGSHumonise your organisation. Bangdfableg. .i'il 3. RSS FEEDSKeep everyone in the loop. Bang. sTab| e% 4. CHAT ROOMSA bit like 0 coffee shop! : Ban,9AaI2|e% 5. EVENT PLANNINGMeet us at 10." Bangsifable 6. FORUMSOpen up The conversoon. Bang: =". '|'ab| e$; 7. MAPPINGNor rhere,here! " Bang: TaI. e$ 8. MASHUP3Mixing things up. Bangableg 9. MEDIA CASTS "VMake conrenr more accessible.Bang. =". =Tab| e% 10. IWCROBLOGSGet information out fast.V i K V;17" . ' U i'4 u ; . Bangalable": ;//. Q i i_. .+1. - t '~ '4, r ,5 5;x5 1/ .KO 11. MEDIA SHARINGNow make it interactive. Bangable 12. SOCIAL NETWORKINGBuild a community around your organisation. 13. VIRTUAL WORLDSStop the planet,I want to get off.Banglable 14. swims Where eyferycne gets to play.iiBaing| 'a, bIe5 15. SOCIAL MEDIA RELEASEBringing your message to life.Bang. Tab| e% 16. CRQWDSGU RSI MG Let your community elevate your business. _ I I .' II L;