Putting puzzle together, part 3

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  1. 1. Pulling it all together, part 3 1. Local Implications, Global Connections (remembrance, resistance, resurgence, replacement)2. Team 22-minute meeting 3. HousekeepingNancy Van Leuven, Ph.D. AIS 230 Fall 2013 University of Washington
  2. 2. 1. Local Implications, Global Connections
  3. 3. Google Map INM 12/12
  4. 4. #Ottawapiskat#Ottawapiskat Chief sees "As long as the sun shines, the grass grows and the rivers flow" clause as loophole in treaty. Destroys environment"The Chief of #Ottawapiskat is resplendent in his traditional costume of blue sweater vest and cow boy hat head-dress
  5. 5. Activist Strategic Communications and American Indians:People Are Not Collateral Damage (The title of the paper with your research)
  6. 6. Your resume reminder. 5/14American Indian Research Workshop, University of Leiden/Netherlands. Researcher for three papers:Activist Strategic Communications and American Indians: People Are Not Collateral Damage The Law Giveth and the Law Taketh Away: Tribal Law and the Indians Right to Game The Language of Things from Gaming Cha-Ching: How Casino Profits Fund Tribal Self-Representations
  7. 7. 2. Team 22-Minute Meeting
  8. 8. Hold a 22 Minute Meeting A 22 Minute Meeting is the #1 way to prevent an inefficient meeting for yourself and others. Listen first, talk second15Schedule a 22 minute meeting2Stand up6Have a goal based agenda3 Send required reading 3 days4 Start on timebeforehandNo laptops, but presenters and note takersphones, 7 No exceptions no8 Focus! Note off topic commentsWhen should I hold a 22 minute meeting?9Send notes and action items ASAPTeam meetings Status meetings Planning meetings Decision focused meetingsMore Information:http://22MinuteMeeting.infoStaff meetings Review meetings Informational meetings Meetings about meetings
  9. 9. Goal-Based Agenda 1. Introductions/reminder of roles 2. Draft scripts (due Monday) 3. How research will be evaluated and used 4. Action items and adjournment(Complete run-through in two weeks, December 4)AFTER YOUR MEETING: REPORT BACK!
  10. 10. 3. Housekeeping REMAINING ASSIGNMENTS
  11. 11. 5 POINTS: Today: Bcc NVL on emails of tribe/casino questions Multi-deadlines: Discussion boards10 points: Monday (in class) Self/team reflection 10 points: Mon., Dec. 2 (in class) Peer review 15 points Weds., Dec. 4 Upload final, polished tribe paper 19 points: Wed. 11: Final team presentation/upload
  12. 12. Questions about Canvas?? Anything else?