The DOC Purchasing Puzzle Putting the pieces together Diana Reese Colorado State Library

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Text of The DOC Purchasing Puzzle Putting the pieces together Diana Reese Colorado State Library

  • The DOC Purchasing PuzzlePutting the pieces togetherDiana ReeseColorado State Library

  • The Purchasing PiecesSources of fundingIdentifying a vendorDeciding method of purchasePreparing the requisitionPlacing the orderReceiving the orderEnsuring prompt paymentReporting expenditures

  • Sources of Funding(see Procedures Manual/Purchasing)State Library (materials only)Library Operating (xx26) only source available for supplies (Canteen)Division of Educational Services (Canteen)Other facility funds (probably Canteen)LSTA grants

  • Per state statute, net profits from the Canteen, Vending Machine, & Library Account must be spent in a manner directly benefiting offenders.

  • Library Operating (xx26)

    90%-95% of the librarys allocation should be expended by March 31st each year.

  • How library operating allocations are madeRegional Librarians ask library staff for special needs (priority) requests for the next fiscal year, usually in February or March.

  • Priority (special needs) Items Defined

    Equipment and other items other than routine operating supplies.

  • Priority Item ExamplesBook trucks (carts)SeatingLibrary Request slipsPrinted catalogs for AdSeg units DVD playersCD/cassette playersComputer monitors & printers

  • Library Operating Allocations (contd)The Canteen Committee allocates a portion of Canteen funds to libraries for operating expenses.RLs review & approve priority need items.Each facility receives a base allocation.Remaining funds are allocated on a per capita basis.

  • Each facility should have a librarian tasked with tracking expenditures (Excel spreadsheet) and maintaining the librarys budget records.

  • Identifying a Vendor

    There is a hierarchy for selecting vendors.

  • #1 Juniper Valley Products(Correctional Industries)

    If JVP makes the product, JVP must be the vendor UNLESS a waiver is applied for and approved by the Asst Director for Educational Services and the Director of Colorado Correctional Industries.



    Colorado Department of Corrections

    Buena Vista Correctional Facility

    Buena Vista Minimum Center

    Colorado Correctional Alternative Program


    Bill Owens


    Joe Ortiz

    Executive Director


    TO:Tony Romero, Assistant Director for Educational Services

    Giles Spaulding, Director for Correctional Industries

    FROM:Diana Reese, Regional Librarian

    DATE:October 31, 2005

    RE:Printing Library Calendar Bookmarks

    I am requesting approval for DOC Libraries to order 15,000-20,000 library 2006 calendar bookmarks from the BVCC Vocational Print Shop.

    BVCC Print Shop $ 135.00 for 15,000 bookmarks (.009 each)

    JVP Print Shop $335.00 for 15,000 bookmarks (.02 each)


    ( Approved

    Tony Romero


    ( Denied


    ( Approved

    Giles Spaulding


    ( Denied

    Buena Vista Correctional FacilityBuena Vista Minimum CenterColorado Correctional Alternative Program

    P.O. Box 2017P.O. Box 2005P.O. Box 2017

    Buena Vista, Co 81211Buena Vista, Co 81211Buena Vista, Co 81211

    Phone:(719) 395-2404Phone:(719) 395-7363Phone:(719) 395-7303

    Fax:(719) 395-7214Fax:(719) 395-7362Fax:(719) 395-7304

  • JVP FurnitureIf the commodity is furniture, it is mandatory that all state agencies purchase from JVP, unless the CCI Waiver Request Form is submitted, per the State Purchasing Offices State Price Agreements.


    Section 17-24-111(1)(a) CRS requires that state agencies purchase office furniture and office systems from

    the Division of Correctional Industries (previously known as Juniper Valley Products/JVP). In applying this statute and

    administering this waiver process, the terms office furniture and office systems shall mean:

    Those systems and furniture that, at the time the product requirement is communicated, are described in Division of Correctional Industries catalogs and web site and are intended primarily for use in an office environment (including faculty offices, meeting rooms, and conference rooms).

    CCi Waiver Request


    Gay Zalman


    Correctional Industries

    (719) 226-4204

    (719) 226-4220 fax


    Requestor Name:

    Agency Name:



    Consulted with:

    CCi Representative/Contact Person

    Purchasing Agent:

    PA Phone:

    Agency Purchasing Approval to Submit Waiver Request:

    Date Submitted:

    Total Pages:


    Scope of Waiver Request (provide the following information, attached additional sheets as needed):


    Period of Time (Date Item/s Needed)


    Number of Items or Amount of Materials (Quantity)


    Complete Description & Specifications (Not Just Brand & Model Number)


    Quoted Unit Price



    Quoted Total Price FOB Destination, including Assembly



    Picture or Sketch of Product (if Available)

    Please review and respond to this request for waiver to purchase outside of the CCi mandatory awards (State Price Agreement #42500YYY08M) for office furniture and office systems. In completing and submitting this waiver request as outlined in the procedure from the back of this form, I believe CCi cannot provide its goods or services:

    Check appropriate box:


    At a comparable level of quality, or


    At a comparable price to that provided by the private sector; or


    CCi cannot provide its goods or services in a timely manner. (Note: No waiver shall be granted based on timeliness unless CCi was given a reasonable time period to provide the goods or services, which must be at least equal to the time period offered to the private sector.)

    If requestor has spoken directly with a CCi account representative in regards to this request and comparable CCi products AND completed all of the above noted information, CCi will answer this request for waiver within five (5) working days

    * * * CCi * * *







    If Approved, Reason:




    CCi Cannot Provide its Goods or Services At a Comparable Level of Quality, or


    CCi Cannot Provide its Goods or Services At a Comparable Price to that Provided by the Private Sector; or


    CCi Cannot Provide its Goods or Services in a Timely Manner.

  • #2 DOC WarehouseThe Caon City (CAA1) & FLCF Warehouse catalogs may be accessed on the R: drive under Warehouse Docs\Warehouse CatalogsThe BVCC warehouse catalog may be accessed on the Q: drive under Warehouse Docs

  • #3 Business Technologies (PC Purchasing link on DOCnet)

    Must be used for computers, printers, and monitors.

  • #4 State Price AgreementsGenerally, vendors who have negotiated price agreements with the State of Colorado should be the next choice when selecting a vendor.State Price AgreementsHowever, it is not mandatory to use a vendor unless stated.

  • #5 Colorado Cooperative Purchasing Project(Procedures Manual/Purchasing)Each year CLiC negotiates discounts with major library services vendors, e.g. Ingram, Highsmith, Demco, Brodart, Houchen Bindery.

    These may also be found at the CLiC website: Cooperative Purchasing Agreement.

  • Method of PurchaseThere are 4 primary methods:

    Procurement Card (P-card)COFRS/Purchase OrderDOC Warehouse RequisitionBT PC Purchasing link on DOCnet

  • P-CardMust be used if the vendor will accept it.May not be used for Ingram.Only FTE employees may be P-card holders.A requisition should be used in order to document spending approval.

  • All P-Card holders must follow the procedures contained in the Procurement Card Program Handbook.

  • COFRS (Colorado Financial Reporting System) requisitionUsed for any purchase that is not a P-card or DOC Warehouse purchase.

    Examples: JVP, Ingram, BT, computer software, vocational program services

  • DOC WarehouseMust use a DOC Warehouse requisition form specific to the warehouse being used.

  • Business TechnologiesAll hardware & software purchase requisitions must be reviewed & approved by BT prior to purchase.Items (PCs, printers, monitors) purchased through BTs PC purchasing link on DOCnet have implied written approval from BT.

  • Business Technologies (contd)All other hardware or software purchases require written approval from BT.

    Approval is obtained by faxing request to BT Support Center 719-269-4544.

  • Preparing a Purchase Requisition (PR)Every PR should include:PR # (may be assigned by facility)Requestors name & signatureRegional Librarians approvalProgram Managers approvalComplete description of item ordered

  • Every PR should include (contd)

    Vendor discount (bid) #, if anyShipping/handling costJustification for expenditureAccurate vendor & shipping infoAppropriate account codingDOC billing address (if COFRS)

  • Library Operating Account Coding

  • Library Operating Account CodingCommonly used object codes

  • Expenditure Justification

    Common examples:Book processing & repair suppliesOffice suppliesLibrary promotional materials

  • Justification for computer hardware or softwareSho