Putting the Puzzle Together: Managing a Floating Collection.

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Slide 1 Putting the Puzzle Together: Managing a Floating Collection Slide 2 Presenters Ann Cress, Deputy Executive Director, Jefferson County Public Library Rhonda Glazier, Collections Manager, Jefferson County Public Library Linda Raymond, Materials Manager, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Slide 3 Agenda Introductions Floating Collections Conversion Process Break (around 10 AM) Collection Management Discussion/Questions Wrap-up Slide 4 10 Libraries Population: 548,000 County size: 774 square miles Floating collection since 1994 Slide 5 Collection: 1.2 million items 2009 Circulation: 7 million 2009 Filled Holds: 1.6 million Materials budget: $3.7 million Slide 6 850,000 residents 2 24 Library Locations 2009-2010 Operating Budget $32.9 M Materials Budget $2.7 M 7,300,000 Circulation - up 7.6% 190,000 items added - down 8% 450 Staff 1.6 million volumes Linda Raymond Materials Manager at CML since 2003 Centralized Selection Outsource cataloging and processing with B&T Began Sharing all items 1/2007 Population size 850,000 Slide 7 Elements of a Floating Collection One collection Items float freely Material remains at the location where it is checked in Materials movement is generated by hold requests Patron-centered collection management system Slide 8 Floating Collection Requirements Holds system Delivery system ILS partnership Good communication mechanisms Slide 9 Slide 10 Issues And Challenges But what about. How will I find Slide 11 Floating/Sharing ? Slide 12 Slide 13 Slide 14 Benefits of Sharing One system Reduced delivery volume Increased volume of materials at all locations as a result of materials not being in transit on a delivery truck. Increased circulation Distribution of materials based on customer interests in certain locations. Time saving for staff who check in materials Time and budget savings for Collection Management Customers are minimally impacted Slide 15 Slide 16 What we will NOT Share: Reference, Docs, NCR ML materials 5 years and older Carolina Author collection Crossroads Cafe, English Tutoring Program Browsing Magazines Circulating Encyclopedias Book Club Kits Storytimes to Go CKT print IMG Parent Teacher Collection Slide 17 Free Alerts about Your Library's Newest Books, Movies & Music! Receive free weekly email alerts or RSS Discover the latest books, DVDs and CDs Reserve bestsellers instantly Enjoy the early notification Completely private - 100% spam-free Wildly convenient - view it from home See if your library is covered! Just enter your ZIP code: Slide 18 FIRST DAY INSTRUCTIONS FOR OUR SHARED COLLECTION January 2, 2008 Be sure you have logged Horizon off and on again before beginning. Remember starting today, its yours! Watch the screen when you check in an item, Horizon tells you if it needs to be sent somewhere. Because: There is no permanent owning branch unless it is on this list: What NOT to Share Reference, Government Documents, NCR, ML Stacks, Think College/Career Center ML materials 5 years and older Carolina Author collection World Language Center, Crossroads Cafe, English Tutoring Program FRL curriculum Browsing Magazines Circulating Encyclopedias Book Club Kits Storytimes to Go CKT print IMG scripts Professional Library Materials Adult Outreach / Group Services Youth Services Items belong to the system not your branch. Remember: You do not have to mark out the location. Check for condition before you put it on a cart. Weed if you would not want it in your home. Follow established weeding and mending procedures. When shelving always shift if needed to ensure some shelves are not over-crowded. ALL staff members are to be aware of what is in the stacks. Need more info? Check email sent to all staff 12/26/07. Questions? Check http:// intranet.plcmc.lib.nc.us/shared/ / or email share@plcmc.org / Slide 19 Sub-Teams for Best Practices Slide 20 Implementation Slide 21 Re-distribution Slide 22 BranchHoldsReturns +/-CD'sShelvingNeeds +/-%CKOImpact BC33381.154023840 +16OK BFR351333.801969180197 +20MEDIUM CA13241.856522765 +30LOW COR13312.387728477 -22OK D11191.738084280 +19LOW FRL44471.0712828128?22OK HG11343.095542755 +26LOW IB461413.072025109202 +34LOW IMG27762.81114319114?43LOW MH55691.25190333190?38OK ML1222962.436007202600?14OK MOR532124.002533144253 +29MEDIUM MPK12252.086181261?31LOW MS31762.45181959181?39LOW MTI13171.319174091 +37OK NCO631181.873434165343 +30LOW PM47621.32113840114?37OK SC7162.296694267 +30LOW SOR552524.583240156324 +49High ST10343.40130466130 +39MEDIUM SUG26371.421115123112 -24OK UC451222.71303675304?44LOW WBL34401.181345140134 -16OK Redistribution Spreadsheet Slide 23 Re-Evaluate Slide 24 Lessons Learned Slide 25 Articulate Advantages of Maintaining the Collection Facilitates optimal use of the collection Positively impacts library funding Slide 26 Create Ownership Make all staff responsible for the collection Encourage staff to identify gaps in the collection Change the discussion Slide 27 Selection Changes Policies and guidelines need to reflect a floating collection Copies bought to meet demand, location irrelevant Slide 28 Selection Changes Budget needs to reflect a floating collection How the money is allocated may change Who is responsible for a budget line may change Slide 29 Traditional vs. Floating Collection Selection Slide 30 Weeding is Essential Find the best weeding strategy for your library Slide 31 Know Your Weeding Philosophy Weeding consistent with service objectives Collection weeded in a timely manner Slide 32 Be Aware of Road Blocks Belief that one method is better than another Lack of guidelines for what, how and when Lack of training Slide 33 What Will Work For You? ILS reports 2-year no circ reports Circulated over x number of times Customized reports Slide 34 More Ideas! More customizable/useable reports Ratio of circulation to number of copies reports Distribution reports to enable staff to move materials to other libraries or weed Weeding guidelines inserted at time of order Weeding location for bestsellers Slide 35 Traditional vs. Floating Collection Weeding Number of copies dependent on entire system not dependent on location Slide 36 Weeding Strategies Pull lists Slide 37 How Pull Lists Work Once a week a list of all items with a pull code is sent to each location Staff in the libraries pull items on the list from the collection Front line staff have the authority to override a pull code Materials are stamped weeded and boxed for the book sale Slide 38 Using Weeding Lists Slide 39 Disadvantages of a Weeding List Time Staff intensive System wide approach doesnt respond to individual locations collection Slide 40 Weeding Teams Teams that travel between the different branches and do the weeding instead of regular staff in that branch Slide 41 Weeding Teams.. Slide 42 Advantage of Weeding Teams Slide 43 Disadvantage of Weeding Teams May cause localized weeding Not all locations can be weeded at the same time Slide 44 EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!!! Slide 45 CONTACT INFORMATION Ann Cress Deputy Executive Director Jefferson County Public Library Ann.Cress@jeffcolibrary.org Linda Raymond Materials Management Manager Charlotte Mecklenburg Library lraymond@cmlibrary.org Rhonda Glazier Collections Manager Jefferson County Public Library Rhonda.Glazier@jeffcolibrary.org Slide 46 BREAK Slide 47 Communication is Key Transition of staff was longer than initially thought Three stages of transition Buy-in at the beginning, tweaking processes and procedures, ongoing maintenance needs Staff need to be able to articulate the advantages Staff need to stay connected to the collection Maintaining ownership key to collection maintenance Advantages need to be articulated to your library board and community Slide 48 Moving Forward Articulate the patron benefits & business reasons toEVERYONE Recognize that this is a major transition and plan accordingly. Acknowledge the myths and address them head on. Involve staff leaders/influencers in the planning COMMUNICATE