Putting puzzle together, part 4

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Final class presentation for AIS 230 wraps up discussions about the future of tribal gaming (based on student research plus class readings) and also outlines next steps for individual papers and team Ted Talks.


<ul><li> 1. Pulling it all together, part 4 1. Future of Indian Gaming Discussion from research plus class reading Tribal Perspectives2. How to: Meaningful self-evaluations (Sample Ted Talk: Everyday Leadership)3. How to: Finish your final tribe/casino paper 3. Team work on final presentationNancy Van Leuven, Ph.D. AIS 230 Fall 2013 University of Washington</li></ul> <p> 2. 1. Future of Indian Gaming (Discussion of research plus class reading Tribal Perspectives ) 3. Perspectives Future is bright!Future is grim!(Coquille Tribe)(Council on Casinos, American Values Institute) 4. 2. Self-Evaluations (Its a learned skill.)Why today: Letter grades can be limited, inaccurate, too inflated (And for future classes) Why for the future: Determines salary raises, promotions, other workplace benefits 5. Why in business? Forces employees to evaluate themselves and their performanceForces managers to check understanding of job requirements and performance(Specifics!) 6. Everyday Leadership How many of you are completely comfortable withcalling yourselves a leader? (Drew Dudley) Next: Write your own assessment! 7. 3. HOW TO: Polish your FINAL tribe/casino paper (Rubric is on Canvas, of course!) 8. 1. OverviewPutting everything together . . . without repeating yourself!And deciding what general readers need to know! 9. 2. Put it together, with new info Culture + Legal/Political + Economic ____________________________________________________________________________________ 10. 3.Edit and Polish Get your message across!Most writing we love has gone through 2+ drafts.CUT Errors, sloppy/duplicative writing, words from sentences, sentences from paragraphsBe simple, informative, persuasive (Read it out loud) 11. Add texture! 12. Thenwork with scripts and tasks! Time: 3 minutes/speaker, not over 10 minutes long Audience: Conference/general public Business protocol (business casual attire, no notes, etc.) Format: Full notes below image (what youll be saying) Delivery: Post presentation to Canvas page by 11:00 a.m. the day of final </p>