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Pretérito o imperfecto

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Introduction to Spanish past tense forms. This activity will help students distinguish between key words or phrases associated with preterit and imperfect tense.

Text of Pretérito o imperfecto

  • 1. Pretrito oimperfecto?
    There are two verb tenses used when discussing past events in Spanish.

2. Pretrito oimperfecto?
Most verbs can be conjugated in either tense, but the meaning changes depending on which tense you choose.
3. Pretritooimperfecto?
Knowing when to use one tense or the other can be a bit of a trick for Spanish learners, but there are a few clues that can help you figure it out
4. Pretrito oimperfecto?
We use the preterite tense when:

  • The action has been completed.

5. The action had a defined beginning and end.
6. Pretrito oimperfecto?
This would apply to events that occurred:

  • within a specific time frame

7. a specific number of times