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  1. 1. Four weeks of my journey through this internship
  2. 2. Module 1 Realising the truth
  3. 3. Rectifying the mistakes
  4. 4. Lessons from experts Prepare, Design and Deliver - Garr Reynolds Create Resonance by connecting with your audience. Make them physically react to what you are talking. - Nancy Duarte
  5. 5. Application Presentations on two TED talks
  6. 6. Module 2 Core concepts of Marketing Marketing in modern world Solved Mini Cases reflecting real-time situations Learnings from Marketing Bible
  7. 7. Highlights Assessing Market opportunities and customer value Understanding Marketing Management Choosing Value 1.Identifying Target Markets 2.Everthing on Branding Designing Value 1.Product strategy 2.Managing Services 3.Pricing Delivering Value 1.Integrated Marketing Channels 2.Retailing Wholesaling and logistics Communicating value 1.Integrated Marketing Communications 2.Mass and personal Communications Sustaining growth and value 1.New market offerings 2.Entering Global markets 3.Holistic marketing for long run
  8. 8. Key Insights Identifying needs of the society Designing and delivering the needs Take customer feedback and improve your offering Keep an eye on competitors Advance towards improving your offerings according to changing needs of the society
  9. 9. In depth learning of Crafting the Brand Position
  10. 10. Compelling and well differentiated message Brand Mantra Well communicated POPs and PODs Determine competitive Frame of Reference Emotional element Make customers feel for your products What Branding should contain
  11. 11. Module 3 The most challenging phase
  12. 12. Situation (understanding the problems) Questions (framing questions to be answered) Hypothesis (assuming a solution) Proof and action (checking if the solution is appropriate) Alternatives (suggesting alternatives) Solving a case
  13. 13. Cases solved
  14. 14. Module 4 The successive slides will show the analysis of an HBR article made reflecting the lessons from Modules 1,2 &3 and including the research on corresponding topic.
  15. 15. For Mobile Devices, think Apps, not Ads Please dont Place your Annoying Ad here
  16. 16. Mobile usage grew tremendously surpassing Personal computers
  17. 17. Text messages Display ads Change in Personal communications with customers Marketers were quick enough to leverage this ubiquitous nature of mobiles
  18. 18. With increase in smart- phone market, marketers began spending heavily on mobile ads Mobile ad budgets in the U.S. are expected to increase from $2.3 billion in 2012 to almost $11 billion in 2016
  19. 19. It is High time marketers should know the truth
  20. 20. Mobile ads Suck!
  21. 21. Display ads function well in print and on desktop computers. But they just dont work on mobile devices.
  22. 22. People Dont Like Them Surveys show that people find mobile ads more intrusive than desktop ads, because mobile is a more private venue
  23. 23. Theres No Right Side
  24. 24. Many of the taps tracked are inadvertent The fat finger effect
  25. 25. Banners are Ugly They offer little Real estate for a clear message
  26. 26. Mobile ads are Dumb Why do I see a banner of an app I already have?
  27. 27. Mobile ads are Not respectful This banner is advertising an App which has always been free. Users are not dumb.
  28. 28. What to do
  29. 29. Go for
  30. 30. People value apps for their functionality and dont find them intrusive
  31. 31. Games and entertainment Social Networks UtilitiesDiscovery Brands Categories of Smart phone Apps
  32. 32. Strategies to create apps that add value to customers lives
  33. 33. Add Convenience Customer satisfaction: Get info smoothly and quickly Marketer satisfaction: Increases customer exposure to the brand.
  34. 34. Convenience face 3 constraints 1.They arent very effective at acquiring new customers. 2.These apps arent a viable alternative for every company. Established brands with large customer bases have an inherent advantage. 3.As more and more companies build convenience into their apps, they will find it harder to differentiate themselves.
  35. 35. Offer unique value Customer satisfaction: Delivery of unique benefits Marketer satisfaction: Increases Sales
  36. 36. Tescos Homeplus Allows you to shop while waiting for train. (within 3 months, registered users rose by 76% and sales by 130%) App Nike+ works with a special chip in Nikes shoes to monitor speed, distance, and calories burned. (drove 30% of sales of Its running shoes)
  37. 37. Provide Social value Customer satisfaction: Connecting with friends and social gifting. Marketer satisfaction: Improves sales.
  38. 38. Wrapp allows to send your Facebook friends gift cards with one click. (more than 1.2 million cards have been sent) Facebook with social gifting company karma offers features to send gift cards.
  39. 39. Offer Incentives Customer satisfaction: Incentives Marketer satisfaction: Promotion of Brand
  40. 40. Entertain Customer satisfaction: Entertainment Marketer satisfaction: Engagement with the brand
  41. 41. Play and engage with Red bull
  42. 42. Apps are not only the most effective way to reach mobile consumers; theyre also more cost-efficient than many traditional ad campaigns Thousands of computer programmers entered the industry as freelance app designers.
  43. 43. Mobile app market in India
  44. 44. India has one of the largest and fastest growing mobile user bases in the world. It is the second-largest mobile phone user in the world with 960,579,472users. In India no. of smartphones grew by 54% in 2014 reaching 140 million users and with a growth rate of 4.7%. According to statistics India has the fastest growing telecom network in the world. Mobile app usage in India grew 131 %, as per Yahoo's latest report.
  45. 45. A recent article on The Hindu Showed a study conducted by Boston consulting group and India@digital.bharat on mobile and apps usage. With a smartphone in hand, a Customer can browse, shop, buy, Complain, refer, write a review in no time. And so, Businesses and services need to re-create the whole user experience, realising well that it is a personal device The Hindu
  46. 46. The article states mobiles are a great way to connect with rural India. rural mobile internet users total about a third of their counterparts. Accessibility with easy to use apps can be an asset to companies to spread their extent into vast rural India. Social networking is major activity of Indian user. Hence apps providing social value will be advantageous for Indian market.
  47. 47. . Rural Markets are great opportunities National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) launched a mobile application for livestock farmers. The mobile application, named 'Pashu Poshan' resulted in reducing the feed cost by Rs 5-15 per day per animal and an average increase in milk production by an average 300 ml per animal per day
  48. 48. A study of app usage on Phablets by Yahoo in India mentions: The top three app growth categories in India are personalization (such as Android launchers like Aviate and Hola), followed by News & Reading and Photography. Personalization apps grew per cent year over year, News and Reading apps grew per cent while, Photography apps grew per cent. 533 311 178
  49. 49. The time is right for developers to leverage this appetite for apps . App use is shifting from entertainment to more functional categories that are utilitarian and enhance productivity The move from e- commerce to m-commerce is accelerating, as more and more Indians shop via apps on their mobile phones Gaming remains one of the most engaged categories
  50. 50. . Snapdeal is doing it Snapdeal is delivering great value through its app. It provides great convenience and offers a lot of incentives. It is now creating a more user- friendly and simplified version with less distractions from ads and colours, and more focus on visuals and product information.
  51. 51. Snap deals App marketing is very good with attractive offers. App marketing is a great way to get customers use your app.
  52. 52. Thank you
  53. 53. An Internship with Prof. Sameer Mathur, IIM Lucknow. A.Kruthika Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad