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Kabihasnang Olmec

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Ang ppt na ito ay ukol sa 10 mahahalagang impormasyon sa kabihasnang Olmec. Gayundin natin na pasalamatan ang mga tao na naging source ng impormasyon sa natapos na PPT. Hindi lahat ng kaalaman nito ay hango sa gumawa na PPt. bagkus ito ay collaboration of knowledge ng mga sources.

Text of Kabihasnang Olmec


2. Ang kauna-unahang Kabihasnanumusbong sa Mesoamerica 3. Ang katagang OLMECay nangangahulugangRUBBER PEOPLEdahil sila ang kauna-unahanggumamit ngdagta ng mga punongrubber o goma 4. Ang kanilang kabihasnan ay yumabong sarehiyon ng Gulf of Mexico 5. Gulf ofMexico,southernVeracruz,and westernTabasco 6. Archaeologists consider theOlmecs to be one of only sixpristine civilizations: thesewere cultures that developed ontheir own without the benefit ofmigration or influence fromsome other civilization. 7. The Olmecs were able to makeseveral sorts of tools whichmade their life easier. Theyused whatever was at hand,such as clay, stone, bone, woodor deer antlers.They were skilled atmaking pottery:vessels and platesused for storing andcooking food. Claypots and vesselswere extremelycommon among theOlmec 8. Pottery is made from Clayfound at San Lorenzo.Excavated by JeffreyBlomster and colleagues. 9. Isang pamayanangagrikultural 10. They planted many of thesame crops seen in theregion today, such assquash, beans, manioc,sweet potatoes andtomatoes. Maize was astaple of the Olmec diet,The Olmecs were expert farmers andpracticed a type of farming known asslash-and-burn farming 11. Gumamit ng isangsistemang pagsulat namay pagkakatulad sahieroglyphics 12. May pag-unawa sa konsepto ng zerosa pagkukuwenta 13. May mayamangrelihiyon 14. Mga Diyos ng OlmecArchaeologist Peter Joralemon has identified eight gods Olmec Dragon Bird MonsterSome of these gods Fish Monsterwould remain in Banded-eye GodMesoamerican Water God Maize God Were-jaguar Feathered Serpentmythology with othercultures: the Maya andthe Aztecs both hadfeathered serpent gods 15. Feathered SerpentMaize GodWere-jaguar 16. Religious Center at La Venta 17. The Olmec venerated natural sitesBOGCAVEMOUNTAINOfferingsincluded woodencarvings, rubberballs, figurines,knives, axes andmore 18. priests whoacted asintermediariesbetween thecommon peopleand the divinestingray spines 19. Altar at La Venta 20. Bas-reliefs of humans holding quite lively were-jaguarbabies 21. Thrones of Olmec rulers 22. RITWALHUMANSACRIFACEPOK A TOK 23. Ang Olmec aymga talentadongartists at sculptors 24. They produced manystatues, celts, masks,figurines, stelae, andthronesThey are best known fortheir massive colossalheads, seventeen of whichhave been found at fourdifferent archaeologicalsitesThe Olmec were giftedartists who producedstonecarvings,woodcarvings andcave paintingcarved withtechniques suchas drilling,string-sawing,and incising 25. MahahalagangLugar ng Olmec1 San Lorenzo2. Tres Zapotes3. Chalcatzingo4. La Venta 26. JADEJade Axe Were-Jaguar Olmec Figure 27. Mask 28. FIGURINES 29. Duck FigureHuman FigureBird Vessel 30. STATUES Twins were anessential heroic partof Mesoamericanreligion. What part theheroic twins played inOlmec religion isunknown, but in thePopol Vuh, the sacredbook of the Maya, twoheroic sets of twinsjourney to theunderworld to dobattle with the lordsthere. 31. THE WRESTLERseated youth holding a were-jaguarbaby. Symbols of four Olmec godsare inscribed on his legs andshoulders, making it a veryvaluable artifact indeed 32. STEALE- tall standing stones with inscribed orcarved surfaces 33. CELTS -small pieces with designs roughlyshaped 34. COLOSSAL HEADS 35. Ang mga Olmec aymagagaling na arkitektoat inhenyero 36. OLMEC AQUEDUCT 37. MAN MADE PYRAMID 38. Ang mga Olmec aymasikap namangangalakal 39. Evidences of Trade Objects from other regions, such as jadeite frompresent-day Guatemala and obsidian from themore mountainous regions of Mexico, have beendiscovered in Olmec sites. Olmec objects, such as figurines, statues andcelts, have been found in sites of other culturescontemporary to the Olmec 40. Ang San Lorenzo atLa Venta angsentrongpangkalakalan ngOlmec 41. Ang Olmec ay maymalakas na pinuno 42. The Olmec citieswere ruled by afamily of ruler-shamanswhowielded enormouspower over theirsubjects 43. Ang kaalaman ukol sapagkawala ng Olmecay hindi tukoy 44. Mga Haka-hakang dahilan ng Paglaho ngOlmec Natural Ecological ChangesVolcanic EruptionDrought Human ActionWarfareOverfarming 45. Gawain: Ad CampaignBawat grupo ay gagawa ng maiklingAdvertisement ukol sa Olmec. Layuninnito na maitaguyod ang kaalaman ukol sakabihasnang nabanggit. Maaring gumamitng multimedia upang maging creative angnatapos na gawain.