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Izzy Bizu - White Tiger (website)

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Website ideasWith this website I saw there being two main aspects that i would need. One was the idea that the website would need to be colourful and the other was that it would need to be based on the artist to make them synthetic.On the colourful side of the website there are some which I would like to be similar to when creating my own. One of these include a website I made in my opening to this A2 course for Clean Bandit.I have looked that this and some others which focus on the colourful side of the homepage. These are shown to the right.

Website ideas (2)So second of all, this part of my vision is that the homepage is all based on the artist themselves.With this idea there are many websites which look at the synthetic side of musician. However, mine would be quite subtle but, at the same time, easy to tell that it is all about them and their music.I have found a few big artists and bands which show this in there homepage.All of these images will present an easy vision I have for my website.