IE University Extracurricular activities 2010-2011

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IE University Extracurricular Activities Presentation for the 2010-2011 Academic Year


<ul><li> 1. IE Extracurricular Activities<br />Thinking outside the Syllabus<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. 13-14-15 September 2010<br />OrientationWeek<br /> 3. 22 September 2010<br />Sporting Activities Launch <br />Sporting activities for all - every Wednesday afternoon<br /> 4. October 2010<br />Horse-riding<br />16/10/2010<br />Ski Club Party<br />06/10/2010<br />Golf for Beginners<br />09/10/2010<br /> 5. October 2010<br />Diving Weekend<br />22/10/2010<br />Hiking Weekend<br />30/10/2010<br /> 6. 7. November 2010<br />Madrid Cultural Tour<br />20/11/2010<br />Student Concert<br />25/11/2010<br /> 8. December 2010<br />Christmas Party<br />16/12/2010<br /> 9. January 2011<br />Ski Club Trip The Alps<br />10/01/2011-14/01/2011<br />Exchange Students Welcome Party<br />27/01/2011<br /> 10. February 2011<br />IE University Ftbol-7 Tournament<br />16/02/2010<br />Ski Club Trip - Cerler<br />28/02/2011 04/03/2011<br /> 11. 12. March 2011<br />ParentsWeekend18/03/2011<br />Spring Ball<br />31/03/2011<br /> 13. April 2011<br />IE University Golf Tournament<br />03/04/2011<br />El Escorial Picnic and Hike<br />06/04/2011<br /> 14. Ongoing Activities<br />Debating Club<br />Cinema Nights<br />Weekly Ftbol Sala Competition<br />Running Club <br /> 15. And More<br /> 16. For more information about these activities/events please contact:<br /><br /><br />All of these events/activities are subject to change depending on availability of suitable venues and a required minimum number of participants<br /></p>


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