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Oaklawn Academy Clubs 2012-2013


  • Friday from 4:30 pm to 5:45 pm. For 7 weeks starting : November 2 and through Dec 14.

  • One of the greatest hobbies. It teaches how towork with your hands, a basic knowledge of physics and engineering, and most importantly patience

    Build, assembly and paint scale models of planes, ships and more.

  • Learn basic film- making skills such as:

    Screen writing, lightning, sound and video editing and producing.

  • An introduction to basic cooking theory and techniques.

    Students will be offered a selection of starters, main courses, and desserts to prepare.

  • Learn chess openings and tactics, improve your chess, view instructional chess videos, play with friends and compete with other clubs.

  • Introduction to space science from rocketry and human space flight to Astronomy and the night sky.

    Make a star wheel, create your own telescope and use a professional one.

  • Two rock band ensembles: usually guitars (2) and keyboard and a rhythm section made up of a bass and drum set.

    Who has the best tunes?

    Oaklawn Academy CLUBS 2012-2013 ELECTIVE EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIESWhen are Clubs meeting?Slide Number 32. Directors Cut ClubMr. Arvizu3.Iron Chef Club Mr. Herrington4. Chess Club Mr. Brooks5. Galileos Club Mr. Winrich6. Battle of the Bands Club Mr. Wiemiller


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