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Joining extracurricular activities could be live changing

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This PowerPoint is to let students know why they should join extracurricular activities at school or outside school. It very simple but i believe it gets the point across.The PowerPoint has music already and it will play as soon as you start the PowerPoint.

Text of Joining extracurricular activities could be live changing

  • 1. BY Carlos Granados

2. These are some of the problems students have when they dont join extracurricular activities in school 3. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN NOT INVOLVED IN EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES? 1. Health issues 4. WHY WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE LIKE THIS?! 5. INSTEAD OF BEING LIKE THIS!! 6. 2. students become more socially isolated 7. WHY WOULD YOU PREFER BEING ALONE 8. WHEN YOU COULD LAUGH AND MEET NEW FRIENDS! 9. 3. Bad habits 10. AND WHY WOULD YOU BE DOING THIS?!? 11. WHEN YOU CAN BE ACTIVE AND DO THIS! 12. OTHER ISSUES.. - It can lead to drop outs - Risky behaviors - Bad discipline 13. WHAT KIND OF ACTIVITIES CAN YOU JOIN? - Basketball - Art - Soccer - Music - Tennis - Chess club - Football - Debating club - Science clubs - Drama - Organizations - Photography - Math clubs - Computer club - Band - Much more 14. So What happens when you do join extracurricular activities? 15. You get the chance to make new friends! 16. You will learn more about yourself and who you are 17. It keeps you in better shape mentally and physically 18. You will have more discipline and it will definitely help your character building! 19. You will stay away from bad habits 20. and maybe one of those activities could later become your future career. 21. Remember it doesnt matter what you really join.. 22. Just as long as it encourages and interests you! 23. Join any program and it could be one of the best decisions you will ever make!!