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  • by Dr. Joseph Riggio

  • How do they do that?

  • 1. Their limitations are intertwined with their success formula i.e.: how they know to create the successes they have achieved so far.

    2. They perceive the world from a limited point of view thats relatively fixed and unchanging, i.e.: myopic perception.

    3. What theyve experienced is what they think theyll always experience, i.e.: they project their past into their future.

    4. The education theyve had defines the world for them as they know it, i.e.: they havent learned to use their senses.

    5. Reality as they know it to be has a singular form and thats unchanging, i.e.: they seldom, if ever, challenge their beliefs.

    6. Truth/Knowledge/Learning whatever all exist out there beyond them, i.e.: expertise is external to them.

    This is how to live a life with limitations:

  • Because they forget

  • This is so simple yet far from the reality of

    how most people live their lives.

  • Foolish Wisdom is the Wisdom of the Fool

  • Most folks have forgotten who or what the Fool truly represents.

    The Fool does NOT represent stupidity, mental limitation, sensory inhibition or even immaturity as some seem to think.

    The Fool represents the innate, naive, childlike wisdom that perceives with clarity and without distortion what is happening around them.

  • The typical persons operating position is: mired in prejudice, based on

    1. what they have been taught, 2. what theyve experienced, and 3. what they already believe.

    As it says, they project their past into their future.

  • On the other hand, the Fool always knows that they dont know.

  • The Fool knows that she doesnt know the future.So instead of using the past to inform the future,

    the Fool acts in time using real data in the system as it emerges.

  • Where to go from here?

  • However You cant do what you havent done before.

    You can only see, hear, feel, taste and smell what youre accustomed to until

    the doors of perception you operate from are opened further than

    they are now.

  • You can step aside from what you now know and believe putting all your learning, experience and beliefs aside.


    You can allow someone who has been where you havent been perceptually

    to open the doors of perception for you.

  • I see myself as the Wise Fool by proving that I dont know

    claiming to neither possess nor offer anything except the most valuable thing of all

    for the truly wise


  • When you come to me I promise you

    Ill do my best to neither have nor give you anything.

    If were successful youll leave with


  • The one single reason why you should pursue Foolish Wisdom:

    Because you want to make better decisions and

    take more meaningful actions in your life.

  • By making a commitment to become a Wise Fool yourself

    youll become a better leader youll experience life more fully youll transcend the limitations that you now encounter repeatedly youll find a way to achieve what you havent before youll transform your relationships

    Youll begin having the experience of YOUR life!

  • Foolish Wisdom is the Wisdom of the Fool

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