The Foolish Tree

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A Power Point Presentation of a Jataka Story in comic form.

Text of The Foolish Tree

  • 1. TheFoolishTree A Jataka Tale

2. Once upon a time, two trees lived peacefully in a forest with many wild animals. 3. There were lions, tigers and other animals. The bigger animals preyed on the smaller ones and left their dead bodies behind. 4. The bad smell from the dead bodies spread all round. One of the trees was very angry. 5. The angry tree said it would drive all the animals away. The other tree asked it not to as the wild animals would keep men away. 6. The angry tree said it would do it. One night, a strong wind started to blow. 7. The angry tree shook itself strongly, making a loud noise. The animals sleeping below were frightened. 8. The frightened animals started to run away. 9. The foolish tree was happy that it had chased all the animals away. 10. Many days passed. Then one afternoon a cowherd passed that way. One of his calves started to run away. 11. The boy followed the calf into the forest. He was surprised there were no wild animals around. 12. He went home to tell his family. The family decided to stay in the empty land. 13. The foolish tree said that it would frighten the people away. 14. The foolish tree shook itself to make loud sounds but the father of the boywas not afraid. 15. The foolish tree tried again to frighten the people. 16. But the tree could not frighten the people.The people decided to cut down some trees for wood. 17. Soon many villagers came to cut down the trees. One man said they would cut down the foolish tree the next day. 18. That night the foolish tree cried. It knew it would be killed the following day. This was the result of his selfish action. 19. The End May we be kind and patient to all beings.With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin