The Foolish Turtle

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The Foolish Turtle. Fast. Slow. A Lion and a Turtle. Which one is faster?. The Lion moves faster!. A Horse and a Fish. Which one moves slower?. The fish moves slower!. A Bird and a Catapiller . Which one moves faster?. The bird moves faster!. A Rabbit and a Ladybug. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of The Foolish Turtle

The Foolish Turtle

The Foolish TurtleFastSlowWhich one is faster?A Lion and a Turtle

The Lion moves faster!Which one moves slower?A Horse and a Fish

The fish moves slower!Which one moves faster?A Bird and a Catapiller

The bird moves faster!Which one moves faster? A Rabbit and a Ladybug

The rabbit moves faster!Which one moves slower?An Elephant and a Cheetah

The elephant moves slower!Which one moves slower?Two Children and a Zebra

The two children move slower!Fast