First day of school

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  • 1. First Day Agenda
    Mrs. Hinkson

2. An Introduction
I am a 2007 graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design.
I graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Art with a focus in drawing.
I am currently pursuing my Masters Degree in Education with a focus on teacher leadership from the University of Phoenix.
I live in Manistique and have been married for four years.
Outside of school I enjoy hunting, fishing, horse back riding, reading, music, gardening, and throwing pottery.
3. Classroom Rules
Be in your seat and on task when the bell rings.
Stay on task until it is time to clean up.
Do NOT misuse or mistreat classmates, teachers, or materials.
Use only constructive criticism.
Do not bring work from other classes.
4. Consequences

  • Warning

5. Call home 6. To the office and call home