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2. The Poet- Roger McGough Born on 9 November 1937 In Liverpool, England Philip Larkin correspond him in poetry. poem : humor and popular genre: children, drama, non-fiction and poetry 3. Overview The poet epitomize the innocent, ignorance, insecurity, confused and misunderstanding of a child on his/her first day at school. In stanza 1, the content is a typical observation that could be expected by the children on the first day at school. The poet conveys the state of confused. [in stanza 1, line 2, Waiting for the way to go. ( To go where?) ] The poet also arouses the sense of insecurity and anxiety inside the child. 4. In stanza 2, the poet also portrays the theme of insecurity and innocent of a child. Examples: to keep out wolves and monsters', 'things that carry off and eat children There are several misspelled words such as lessin , glassroom and millionbillionwillion ,these words show that the child is not expert in vocabulary and he/she is frightened and not-confidence. 5. In stanza 3, the poet shifts into his own childhood and he is also innocent as the other children. On his first day at school, he missed the moment that his mother just left him for a few minutes. He also desires the presence of his mother to comfort him as well. When it was raining, he also missed his yellow wellingtons when he walked through the puddles on the road. 6. There are many children that do not know what their names are when they are still small. When the poet was young, he misunderstood the meaning of teacher. cher in French word means expensive. So, the poet might think that teacher is the one who will make the tea or the teacher is an expensive tea. 7. First Day At School Tone and mood 8. Apprehension Life-changing when go to school Because he don't know the person around them. 9. Naivety and ignorance Want to keep away the wolves and monsters in the school Do not take sweets from strangers 10. Fear Hes mind switches back to his mother who only left him a few minutes before Desire for the comfort of his mothers presence 11. First Day at School Themes 12. THEME : INNOCENCE OF A CHILD Child has been told about what to expect but he has only half understood them He gets confused Let him plays with his own imagination strange words and concepts make the child experienced the moment of confusing and slightly scary 13. EXAMPLES First line expresses childhood confusion describes the school as a strange place and far from home A millionbillionwillion miles from home Second line Child has been told: Waiting for the bell to go. (To go where?) He now becomes aware of something scary Why are they all so big, other children? So noisy? So much at home they Must have been born in uniform. He immediately sees them as something alien. They also display alienation towards him. Spent the years inventing games That don't let me in. Games That are rough, that swallow you up. 14. THEME : INSECURITY OF A CHILD voices the feelings of the child on his unknowing mind of the new world misinterpretations of his new life and how he had gotten the wrong idea child's confusion in facing the new world he yet has to explore and discover insecurity when went through this life-changing experience Funny things happen - repeated wrong spelling words ('...lessins','...glassrooms')