First day of school

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First Day of School

First Day of School By: Lena Hicks

First Day of School1

Lena HicksMy name is Lena Hicks. I am currently seeking a degree an education.I am planning to be the best teacher I can be.My goals are to teach junior high students and pursuing a masters degree to teach junior college.Putting God first in everything I do.

First Day of SchoolI will try to learn everyones name.I will let the students introduce themselves, and let them talk about their dreams, goals, accomplishments, likes and dislikes.I also let the students draw a picture of themselves or their favorite heroes.I will ask questions about their families as well.What is important to the students?Why they think school is important?


All classwork is done inside.All major computer projects are due at the of the term.All computer quizzes are done on paper.

All math and computer test are given every other week. All assignments are a grade.

RulesEach day, the students are to go to the restrooms.Raise your hands.Work quietly and collective in group activities.Go over homework assignments.Respect your fellow classmate.Bring pen, paper and a scandisk to save documents.Bring a calculator

We are exploring together

Remember you are your own unique person!!!!