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<ul><li>1.If you are not willing to learn, noone can help you. If you aredetermined to learn, no one canstop you.</li></ul> <p>2. Be on time. Enter the classroom quietly. Grab your calculator from the calculator caddy(unless otherwise posted). Get your binder from the bookshelf. Sharpen your pencil before class starts. If you donot have a pencil, TELL ME. Go directly to your assigned seat. Copy your homework into your agenda. Begin working on your opener and calendar. 3. Listen and pay attention at all times. Raise your hand to ask a question or tosharpen your pencil if it should break. If I am writing notes, youd better be too. All openers, notes, homework assignments,tests, quizzes, etc. should be done in pencil.No pens in math class. No side conversations during instruction. Participate. 4. You will keep a 1 1/2 inch binder in class. Each classwill have a different section on the book shelf to keepyour binder in. The outside cover of your binder should be a title pageincluding your name and class period. You will also putyour name and class period on the side spine of thebinder. You will be given dividers so that you can organize yourbinder into sections. Within your binder, you will keepyour opener/calendar sheet, any notes, extra practice,assessments, and anything else deemed important 5. You will have homework, expect it. You will usually have time at the end of classto work on it. Always put your first and last name, the date,and your class period on each assignment. Always do homework in PENCIL. Homework assignments will be collected orchecked the next day. 6. You will be dismissed by tables to put your binderback on the bookshelf. You will not leave yourbinder on your table. I will dismiss you, the bell does not dismiss you. We will not leave class until all my calculators areon the wall and I have all my pencils back. Pick up around your table. Do not leavegarbage on your desk or on the floor. Push your chair under the table and exit quietly. 7. Tardiness is not acceptable. A tardy will be excused only if you bring a notefrom your teacher. If you dont have a note, you will be markedtardy. On your second tardy, you will call home.On your third tardy you will receive a referralwith the administration. Every tardy after thethird will result in a referral. This is the tardypolicy at Crawford. 8. See me the day you return to school for yourassignments. Do the work at home. I will make a copy of our notes for the day(s) youmiss and you can copy them into your binder afteryou finish your math work for the day. If you miss a test, you will need to schedule a dayafter school you can stay with me and take it.It is your responsibility to come to me afteryoure absent. I will not track you down. 9. 1. Be respectful.2. Be patient.3. Be on task.4. Be prepared.5. Be on time. 10. In this class, we will follow the demerit system at alltimes. However, inaddition to that, I expect you follow my classroomexpectations. If you failto do so, the following steps will occur:1. Verbal warning2. Name on the board3. Student conference/ check mark beside name4. Detention/parent contact5. Referral to administrationSevere interruption: sent to the office immediately. 11. If I should be absent from school, I expect you to givethe substitute complete respect. All rules and procedures should be followed every dayregardless of who is up front. If your name is left by a substitute for any negativereason, you will receive a referral, a detention with meafter school, and I will call home. The number one rule in this class is to be respectful.This does not change when Im not here. 12. Lock Down: Calmly get to front left corner of the room. Absolutely no talking Fire Drill: Calmly walk in a straight line down the hallway towardthe eighth grade and to the left toward the bus lot. DO NOT RUN. Find Ms. Shockeys line and stay there until we areallowed to come in Tornado Drill: We will go out into the hallway, get into the correctposition and wait for further instructions. 13. If you are not willing to learn, no onecan help you. If you are determinedto learn, no one can stop you. I know that we are going to have anamazing year! Work hard every dayand I promise it will pay off! 14. As you enter the classroom, get a chair from thestacks in the back of the room. Place youragenda on top of your desk so that I can checkthem. We will be doing Positive Action this year in AE.We will have a short lesson every day. AE is only 22 minutes long, so we must bequick about everything we do. Paying attentionis key. 15. 25% AgendaHaving your agenda every daygives you free points! 50% Positive Action ActivitiesCompleting PAis necessary. 25% ParticipationParticipating is also a partof your grade.This is a simple class if you do what you aresupposed to do. 16. 7thhour has a different procedure for dismissal because it is thelast class of the day. All calculators and other supplies need to be put away before weleave. We will ALL pick up around the room, no garbage will be leftanywhere in the room. About 3 minutes before the bell rings, we will stack our chairs inthe back of the room. You will sit on your table waiting for the announcements, we willnot crowd the door. During afternoon announcements, there is absolutely no talking. Iwill hold you after school if you talk during announcement The bell does not dismiss you, I dismiss you. </p>