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First Day of School PPT. Daniell middle school. Homeroom (HR). Look at the paper outside the door to make sure you are sitting in the correct seat. You have a schedule on your seat. Please look over it because some peoples schedules have changed. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL PPTDANIELL MIDDLE SCHOOL</p></li><li><p>HOMEROOM (HR)Look at the paper outside the door to make sure you are sitting in the correct seat.You have a schedule on your seat. Please look over it because some peoples schedules have changed.If you have a red folder, put your name on it in ink or permanent marker and turn it into me. If you have classroom supplies, please put them against the wall at the side of the room behind the table.Follow the directions on the white board.</p></li><li><p>PLEDGE AND MOMENT OF SILENCERemain quiet during the morning announcements.Stand for the pledge of allegiance.Do not communicate or move during the moment of silence.</p></li><li><p>BUS INFORMATIONIF YOU COULD NOT WRITE DOWN YOUR BUS NUMBER AND LANE NUMBER IN YOUR AGENDA, RAISE YOUR HAND. AT THE END OF THE DAY, THEY WILL CALL YOU UP TO FIGURE OUT YOUR BUS # AND LANE #.</p><p>It is important that you KNOW your bus number and lane number. Do not rely on I-know-what-my-bus-driver-looks-like or I-will-look-for-my-friend/sibling/neighbor.</p></li><li><p>PAPERS TO BE FILLED OUT AND SIGNEDYOU WILL GET YOUR LOCKER WHEN YOU RETURN THE FOLLOWING PAPERS FILLED OUT AND SIGNED.</p><p>Put a star and THE NUMBER FROM YOUR DESK on the following papers so that you can get your locker quickly.*6th grade info sheet (If you have an orangey paper on your desk.)*Clinic Card*Receipt of Parent Info Guide*BYOD Bring your own Device (Fill in the info of the device you will use OR put NO DEVICE on the paper.</p><p>Please realize that your locker belongs to Daniell Middle School, so please do not mess it up. (ie. Putting on stickers)</p></li><li><p>HR EXPECTATIONSWhen you get off the bus, you have two choices.Come straight to homeroom.Go to breakfast. If you forget to go to breakfast, you cannot go.You must come straight to HR. Do not go to the bathroom without permission.Sit in your assigned seat.If you have been absent, Bring me a written excuse. You need to get permission to get your assignments youre your teachers.If you need assistance with a subject, you may get permission to go to another teachers room or ask another student during HR.</p></li><li><p>CLASSESBefore you sit down, look outside the door at your class period. The number to the left of your name is your assigned seat number.This will be your assigned seat until I get to know your name.</p><p>Open your agenda to todays date.Write the homework in the MATH section.</p></li><li><p>MAKE A NAME TENTYou will be making a name tent. Today, I will take it up, but tomorrow, you will bring it to class each day so I can learn your names.</p><p>Directions:Fold the paper in the middle of the length (longest part or hotdog style) of the index card.Your tent will look like an upside down letter V.IN PENCIL, write out your name very LARGELY on one side of the tent to make sure that it fits.Once your name looks good, write it in dark marker.Draw a picture or pictures that represent something about you.</p></li><li><p>ABOUT MRS. ATKINSON</p></li><li><p>ABOUT MRS. ATKINSONWarning about me!</p><p>If I look I am probably </p><p>My own children ask me, all the time, if I am angry or just thinking.THINKING</p></li><li><p>SUPPLIESPlease write this down.</p><p>Binder8 Tab DividerPencilsPens for grading work ONLYNotebook paper</p></li><li><p>GETTING STARTEDCome in. Sit down. Do the bell ringer. </p><p>Three Things that You will do first thing EVERY DAY.Get out your homework, if I assigned it.Start writing the homework from the left whiteboard, Start on the warm-up on the screen when the bell rings.</p></li><li><p>WHAT ARE WE DOING TODAY?You never have to ask because I will have it written on the whiteboard on your left.The first column is for Math 6.The second column is for Advanced Math 6.The third column if for Math 6/7.</p><p>What are we going to learn today?How do we show that we have learned it?Homework (HW) listed underneath.</p></li><li><p>TAKE A NUMBERDo not come up to the me/ask questions until after going over the warm up (10 minutes)If you have a question, you are going to take a number.</p><p>There are cups with numbers on my cart. If you have a question/comment/need, TAKE A CUP AND PUT IT ON YOUR DESK.Get back to work.</p><p>I will come TO YOUR DESK to talk to you.I will not come to you as quickly as you want, but I will get there.</p></li><li><p>GETTING OUT OF YOUR SEATYou may get out of your desk to sharpen your pencil, get a tissue, or throw trash away without asking permission. </p><p>PENCIL SHARPENERIf you need to sharpen your pencil, you may get up without permission. You may sharpen the pencil even if I am talking. (Many students wait for me to give them permission to sharpen their pencils.)MOST TEACHERS DO NOT WANT YOU TO SHARPEN PENCILS WHEN THEY ARE TALKING.</p><p>TRASHDo not play basketball with the trash.Make sure all trash lands in the trash can.</p><p>There are scissors, crayons, markers, colored pencils, rulers, a hole punch, and glue that you may borrow on YOUR TIME, not when I am teaching or you should be working.</p></li><li><p>IF YOU HAVE THE FIDGETSSometimes, I get the fidgets when I have to sit for a while.If you get the fidgets during class, you may go to the back of the classroom, get a clipboard, and continue to participate in the class.Please sit back down when the fidgets are gone.</p><p>REMEMBER, NO TALKING DURING THIS TIME!</p></li><li><p>LEAVING THE ROOMYou are given 5 minutes between classes to use the bathroom. </p><p>You may use the bathroom during class if it is an emergency.Sign in and out on the sheet by the door.Use the passes hanging to the left of the board behind where I stand.</p><p>If you need to go to the nurse, you will write a pass in the agenda on that day.</p></li><li><p>LUNCH 3RD PERIOD ONLYAt 11:45, we will be leaving for lunch.We will all go into the MIDDLE line.I will show you where we will sit.</p><p>I will let you know when we are leaving.Do not throw away your tray until I tell you.</p><p>Pick up after yourselves on the top and underneath the tables.</p><p>I will need volunteers to wash the tables</p></li><li><p>LEAVING THE CLASSROOMWhen leaving the classroom, you must be quiet as you line up.No talking in the halls.You are to walk on the 2nd tile from center.</p></li><li><p>TARDYFirst Offense WarningSecond Offense Parent ContactThird Offense Referral (and possible ISS)</p><p>If you are very late for class, you will be counted as skipping class. You will have a referral.</p></li><li><p>VOLUME LEVELI will count down when I need for you to get quiet and pay attention to me.</p><p>As soon as you hear me count, stop what you are doing, look at me, and listen for directions.</p><p>If you do not follow directions the first time, you will have time added on to when you leave the class. Ex. 30 seconds before you can leave at the end of class</p><p>If it is specific people, parents will be called. I do call parents during class.</p></li><li><p>NEEDING TO TALKIf you need to communicate with me or the class, raise your hand.</p><p>If you need to talk to your partner about the lesson or how to solve a problem while I am talking, you may do so only if you are talking about the math we are doing.</p></li><li><p>IN CASE OF EMERGENCYIn case of a fire drill, stop everything, stand up, and walk to the science hall door.The class will leave out the science hall door, turn left, exit right out of the building, and walk all the way out to the grass. No one is allowed to be on the parking lot during a fire drill.No talking at all during the fire drill.If you are not in the class during a fire drill, you will catch up with a class and remain with them. You will notify the teacher that the student is not with the right class.</p><p>For other emergencies, the teachers will instruct you what to do.</p></li><li><p>PROBLEMS IN CLASSThe problem will be confronted in class and corrected.If problems continue to occur, parents/guardians will be contacted.Students who have discipline problems will be documented on the strike card.Discuss the strike cardIf you have 2 strikes, you will have an N in conduct. If you have an N in conduct, you will NOT be on honor roll, no matter your grade.You will not be able to participate in the honor roll celebration and you will sit at the lunch table alone.</p></li><li><p>CLASSROOM JOBSPENCIL PERSON This person will go into my file cabinet. He/she will get a pencil and put up the students shoe in the file cabinet. YES, IF YOU WANT A PENCIL, I WILL EXCHANGE IT FOR A SHOE.ASSISTANT This person will take the roll in the classroom and do other tasks.STUDENT HELPER This person will help students who were absent understand the material that was missed. This person will also help new students in the class.CLEAN-UP HELPER This person will help direct the class on how the classroom needs to be reorganized to be ready for the next class.</p><p>Students can apply for a job after the second week of school.</p></li><li><p>CLASSWORKAny work turned in will be folded vertically (hotdog style) with your name on the outside.Any work done that is turned in will be done in your class periods basket.</p><p>Work that does not have a name on it will receive a zero until the owner has identified it.</p></li><li><p>FINISHED WORKIf you are finished with your work, you may tutor students with their work.You cannot read a non-text book without permission.</p></li><li><p>HOMEWORK GRADING100%Did every problemShowed ALL the work50%Did some /most (but not all) of the problemsDid not show your work on every problem but did the problem0%Did not do the homeworkDid not have the homework in class on the day it was due</p><p>If you do not understand the homework, it is YOUR responsibility to come to me to ask for help. You can get help during homeroom.</p></li><li><p>ABSENCESIf you are absent, you can find out what you missed through remind101, my blog, or other students in the class.YOU MUST MAKE UP YOUR WORK IF YOU ARE ABSENT, OR YOU WILL RECEIVE A ZERO.When you return to school, get your missing assignments during homeroom (HR).You will have a couple days to complete missing assignments if they were absent.Missed tests and scheduled quizzes will have to be made up during an arranged time outside of class time.</p></li><li><p>MISSING WORKIf you are absent from a class, the papers will be located in the long red folder on the right side of the room. Look at the column that represents your class AND the correct day.Once you have done the work, put it in your class basket.</p></li><li><p>END OF CLASSYou will need to pick up the trash around your area before you are allowed to leave.</p><p>You will need to return supplies to their proper place before you are allowed to leave.</p><p>The bell does not dismiss you, the teacher does.</p><p>If you get up out of your seat before or at the bell, I will make you stay longer in class.</p></li><li><p>MISCNo book bags or string bags are allowed in the classroom.You may bring water to class in a water bottle.The classroom lost and found is located on the table by the door.You do NOT need a note to change how you get home from school in the afternoon.Supplies are NOT communal (shared by the class). If you need a pencil, paper, or something else, your family will need to buy it.There is a birthday calendar on the right whiteboard. You can write your first and last name on it. I GIVE OUT BIRTHDAY STICKERS.I also give stickers for good ideas, questions, connections, and when my STICKER ALARM goes off.Remind is a wonderful way for me to inform you and your family of your HW.</p></li><li><p>IS YOUR HEAD FULL?This PowerPoint is on my blog so you can look over the rules and expectations with your family.</p></li></ul>