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First Day of School

First Day of School Welcome to The 5th Grade

Alexis Anderson

Philosophy of Education

Background Callaway High School (05-09)Jackson State University (09-15)Current Graduate Student at Belhaven University.Former member of The Sonic Boom of The South Prancing J-SettesMember of The Word Center I love taking trips and the outdoors.

Dress CodeProper dress in expected at all times.Uniform/ school attire is to be worn CORRECTLY.Failure to comply with these rule will get you sent o the front office.

Grading ScaleLate assignments will be excepted with a reduction in grade by 20%. After that, failure to turn in assignments may result in a 0 grade.

General ProceduresBe ready to learn.Follow directions quickly.Raise you hand for permission to speak.Use inside voices. Do not get out of your seat without permission.Use helpful hands and words.

Consequences WarningConference with studentYou call home and explain to parentsReferral to Administration

Entering The Classroom Make sure you have all necessary materials for the class.Enter the classroom quietly.Pick up any handouts and do any housekeeping items quickly and quietly.Go directly to your assigned seat.Get ready for work.

When We Are WorkingRead and ListenIf you dont understand ask a neighbor. Talking should be no louder than a whisper.Respect othersUse time wisely.

During InstructionNo Bathroom Breaks No pencil sharpening, talking, moving about the classroom, or whisperingListen to Teacher Raise your hand for permission to speak.

While YOU WERE OUT Students will have one day to make-up work for every day you are absent.

School Year ExpectationsI guarantee you will have a successful year! I believe EVERY child can learn and will achieve to his or her fullest potential.