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ENGAGING LOW-LEVEL LEARNERS Benoît Guilbaud Senior French Language Tutor http://benguilbaud.com

Engaging low level learners

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This is a presentation on how to engage beginners and low-level language learners which I gave on 31 October 2012 at the University of Manchester.

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  • 1. ENGAGING LOW-LEVEL LEARNERS Benot Guilbaud Senior French Language Tutor http://benguilbaud.com

2. Classroom vocabularySemiotics / animations MusicVideo Ideas Grammar throughSemi-authentic materials problem-based learning 3. Classroom vocabulary 4. Classroom vocabularyList of useful phrases in the classroomI do not understand. / What does [...] mean?Bilingual listLeave space for students own translationPlay games with it: speak too fast or too quiet 5. Grammar throughProblem-based learning 6. Grammar through PBLExample: introducing past tense Give text in past tense Ask students to spot time markers in text Ask students to highlight verbs in text Try and work out patterns in verb forms Formally teach past tense 7. Using (semi-)authentic materials 8. Using (semi-)authentic materialsROU PA ROU PBGG 9. Using (semi-)authentic materials Activities not based on transcription Listening for particular words can be hard Use video as prompt for description Describe peoples appearance, setting, genre Spot a person previoulsy described in text Put story back in order 10. Using animations & semiotics 11. Using animations & semiotics 20vingt-deux ___ quarante ___ 20 13seize ___ 20 quarante-et-un ___ 16 40trente ___ vingt-et-un ___39 2120treize ___ cinquante-neuf ___ 669six ___soixante-neuf ___12 59douze ___trente-neuf ___22 30deux ___ vingt ___ 20 241 12. Using animations & semiotics 22vingt-deux ___ 40 quarante ___ 20 1316seize ___ 41 quarante-et-un ___ 16 40 30trente ___ 21 vingt-et-un ___39 21 13treize ___59 cinquante-neuf ___ 669 6six ___ 69 soixante-neuf ___12 5912douze ___ 39 trente-neuf ___22 302deux ___20 vingt ___241 13. Using animations & semiotics ?1. Jean-Paul Jasseranda. architecte2. Mme Leboeufb. professeur de tennis3. Antoine Bernardc. agent des postes4. Anne-Marie Lpined. journaliste5. Frank Martin e. secrtaire 14. Using animations & semiotics Use animations to complement instructions in FL Show, hide, move, reveal, ash, conceal 15. Music 16. Using musicFocus on lyrics is not necessaryDescribe genre, emotions, instrumentsCreate real-life context (bar, public place)e.g. Exchanging phone numbers in a loud pubBreak down emotional barrierWake everyone up! 17. Merci beaucoup Benot Guilbaud Senior French Language Tutor http://benguilbaud.com