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 PEMBELAJARAN BERASASKAN ELEKTRONIK DAN WEB NORLAILAH BINTI AWANG ANAK M20112001683  Q 1 : What are techniques for integrating computers resources in the curriculum?

Engaging Learners With Computer

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6. Developing learning task 
Q 2 : Describe five types of software that can be used in the classroom
1. Classroom aids
One main example of this is when a lesson or certain aspects of the learning process are
projected onto a large whiteboard, which is placed at the front of the classroom. Classroom aids
can be used on a network of computers that are placed in a classroom.
2. Computer games with learning value
These were originally designed and developed for adult use as well as older children all of  whom may have potential learning difficulties. However they have now also been developed for
younger children too. It is believed that computer games with learning value are so successful
due to the fact that they provide simulation of different kinds og human activity, which allows player to explore a variety social, historical and economic processes.
3. Couseware This concept is used as additional educational material intended as kits for teacher or trainers
or as tutorials for student, usually packaged for use with a computer. Can refer to whwn an entire
couse is use onlone or in a computer format. As you can see from the above the main forms of 
educational software have been strongly infiuenced by the idea of computer game. This basically means tahat the educational software is designed to be fun as well as being educational. It is use
to provide an alternative teaching method, which is extremely helpful if a child or student has
difficuly understanding more traditional methods of teaching. Educational software provide a
teaching method that some student may be able to understand better plus this way of teaching allows students and children to get more involved in the learning process, which will more then
likely mean they will be able to remember what they have been taugh better than if it had just
been read out to them
4. Software for specific educational purposes There are highly specific niche markets for educational software including :
a. Driving test software
d. Typing tutor
5. Operating System For Education
While mainstream operating system are designed for general usages and are more or less customized for education only by the application sets added to them, a variety of software
manufactures especially Linux distributions have sought to provide integrated platform for
specifically education.
Q3 : Discuss the advantages and limitations of using computer resources in learning.
Advantages :
1. Learner participation.
The R of the ASSURE model is achieved with computer materials because they require learners
to engage in activities. These materials help to maintain student attention
2. Individualization
Computer resources allow students to manage the rate and sequence of their learning, giving
them more control over outcome. High-speed personalized responses to learner actions yield
immediate feedback and reinforcement
Computer resources are effective with special learners, gifted and at-risk students and students
with diverse physical or demographic backgrounds. Their special needs can be accommodated to
ensure that instruction proceeds at an appropriate pace
4. Monitoring
1. Copyright
The ease with which software and other digital information can be duplicated without permission
has inhibited some commercial publishers and private entrepreneurs from producing and
marketing high-quality instructional software
Users, both learners and teachers may have unrealistic expectations for computer. Many view
computer as magical and expect learning to happen with little or no effort but in reality ( and as
with all other learning resources) users derive benefits proportional to their investments.
3. Complex
More advanced programs may be difficult to use, especially for student production, because they
require the ability to use complex skills.
4. Lack of structure
Student whose learning style requires more structured guidance may become frustrated. Students