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Engaging Learners Successfully

Engaging Learners Successfully

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Tips on engaging your learners successfully.

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  • 1. Engaging Learners Successfully
  • 2. Who we are I i-Learn Project Team Selfie! Jane, Lu, Jo and Jan HR and Childrens Services
  • 3. Torbay Council Unitary Authority Provide a range of services Schools, Social Care (Children), Residents and Visitors, Highways, Public Health, Harbours, Planning + Support Services Diverse workforce 1,200 employees Core Council 4,500 employees including Schools and Academies Many hard-to-reach e.g. School Crossing Patrol, School Escorts, Civil Enforcement Officers
  • 4. Where we were 2012 whole system, not fit for purpose No training team No mandatory training records Lack of engagement in training Sitting where you are 2 years ago..... Sources of inspiration Reg Friddle and Andrew Jacobs Hero sessions!
  • 5. What we did Created a vision :- Set-up an i-Learn Working Group Kept on learning Learning Pool Live, webinars, regional meetings Presentation to SLT Set up a working group
  • 6. How we engaged our learners
  • 7. How we engaged our learners
  • 8. How we engaged our learners
  • 9. How we engaged our learners Accessibility remove barriers Create the right culture still working on this! Why e-learning? Why not! IT Drop-sessions arranged by Jo and Tony Make it easy IT suite, libraries, tablets, phones, still some paper copies needed Involved staff survey, feed back, what did they want on it, suggestions, improvements
  • 10. How we engaged our learners Always raising the profile/constant HR Champions HR News Staff Magazine Chief Executives newsletter Special mention for hard to reach group successes Lots of praise given to our success stories Councillor Hernandez supports our elearning strategy!
  • 11. Engaging Childrens Services Introduction to Child Protection class based E-learning via another platform E-learning through Learning Pool
  • 12. Challenges within Childrens Services School Escorts E-learning is boring! Reduced staff team From 5 to 2!
  • 13. Where we are heading All Local Safeguarding Children Board training to be added. All in one space! Creation of learning programmes Induction for new Social Work students Possibilities for the future Inductions per group within the inter-collegiate document Supervision recording for safeguarding Renewal periods to be set
  • 14. What things have worked for us? Getting commitment from the top Creating the right support LP, peers Dealing with issues promptly nip in the bud Communication, communication, communication.... Support learners feed, water nurture!
  • 15. What we learnt It wont be an overnight success slowly-slowly catchy-monkey Offer different opportunities for learning Different environments Refresh + improve Not everyone likes e-learning Communicate get out there and involve learners!
  • 16. 1104 774 759 749 705 696 686 669 364 90 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0 Equality and Diversity Back Safety Asbestos Awareness First Aid at Work Fire Safety Stress Awareness Introduction to Information Security Introduction to Information Governance Induction Introduction to Child Protection V2 Measuring Success
  • 17. Success at Last!
  • 18. What next? Results from staff survey Totara http://torbay.learningpool.com/ Wellbeing at Work Learning Pool Academy recent joiners Lots more to do......
  • 19. Contact us...... [email protected] (Tel: 01803 207366) [email protected] (Tel: 01803 207359) [email protected] (Tel: 01803 208263)
  • 20. Any questions