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  1. 1. East Central Extra-Curricular Activities How has your activity affected your college experience?
  2. 2. Softball Well, softball has opened up doors to meeting many new people & I love being a part of such a big part of the student body, which is athletes. Lacy Williams
  3. 3. Tennis Tennis is the main reason Im doing college in the USA, also its what allowed me to come here. Without tennis, I would not have any reason to be studying college here in the USA, Max De Juan
  4. 4. Volleyball Being in a sport has definitely taught me better time management. You have to be able to stay caught up in class when you have to travel with your team. Ive also learned that being a leader can affect how you connect in the classroom. Taylor Brown
  5. 5. Dance College dance has not only sparked my love of expressionistic dance through communication but has initiated campus involvement that I never believed I would enjoy when first coming to a larger school. Jamie Mayo
  6. 6. Soccer Ive been able to meet a lot of great people through soccer. It has kept me busy and taught me responsibility and prioritizing. Also, I never had to worry about the freshman fifteen! Margaret Glutz
  7. 7. Cross Country My college experience has been bettered by allowing me to represent my school, something bigger than me, and give me a sense of pride. Also, its helped me meet a lot of people I never would have came in contact with otherwise. Cale Eidson
  8. 8. Football Ive gotten to meet guys from all over the country and go places Ive never gone before. Spencer Bond
  9. 9. Basketball Playing college basketball has allowed me to realize the importance of communication not only on the court but in life as well. Being able to effectively communicate with my team has translated to the classroom during group projects and to multiple job opportunities. Erin Walling
  10. 10. Band I feel like it was a way to connect with people, especially when I was a freshman. I feel like it also allows those who love music no matter their major to have a place. Jesslyn Richards
  11. 11. Jazz Band It has allowed me to expand my jazz knowledge. Whether it be with listening exercises or practicing parts, I have fallen more in love with jazz because of my college experience. -Erin Goto
  12. 12. Chorale Being in Chorale brought me into the community of music and made college feel like home. -Melody Dunn
  13. 13. Pom As a freshman I had friends instantly. It keeps me active and it gives me a fun break from studying. I am more involved on campus because of it and I never miss a football or basketball game! But most of all I get to do the thing I love most almost every day. Sabrina Huitt
  14. 14. University Singers This activity has not only furthered my skills, but it has given me something to look forward to each day! I've met so many great people in singers a well as learned so much from a fantastic director that I aspire to be like. Jordan Clark