Importance Of Extra Curricular Activities

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  • 1. Importance ofExtracurricularActivities in aStudents Life

2. Extracurricular activities teachresponsibility, teamwork, timemanagement and leadership, andthey give students a real-life platformto understand and execute academictheory. 3. Extracurricular activities makestudents feel confident inside andoutside of the classroom. 4. extracurricular activities includesports, academic clubs and fine artsorganizations. 5. SportS are not only goodfor phySical health, but formental health aS well. 6. According to the U.S. Department of Educations2002 study, students who participate inextracurricularactivities are three times more likelyto have a grade point average of 3.0 orbetterthanstudents who do not. 7. oStudents of all ages can exploretheir physical, social andcreative potential throughextracurricular activities. 8. There is a saying All time books and no play made jack adumb boy i.e. as studies are important similarly playing isalso important. Students who only study for twenty-fourhours round the clock and does not play games is dumb boy,since he/she doesnt have any extra knowledge exceptbooks. 9. One great benefit of your teen beinginvolved in extracurricular activities is thatthey will learn about time management andprioritizing things in their life 10. Research indicates that participation inextracurricular activities affects studentsacademic performance. 11. students who participate inextracurricular activities willlikely see an improvement in theiracademic and life skills, includingdiscipline, goal-setting, teamwork,accountability and responsibility. 12. Made By. Noor Ullah 13. THANX!