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1. Project CRTAComputer Refurbishing ProgramProject Dates:Authorization: 5/27/2014Start: 6/7/2014Projected Finish: 7/31/2014Authors:JP MarshallChris GlennThomas AsheyUmail MughalBilal MughalCiara HendersonURL of Project Description: 2. 2Table of ContentsProject Charter..3Communication Plan.......4WBS Version History...6Work Breakdown Structure............7WBS Element Definitions.............................8Gantt Chart..12Risk Assessment and Management.........................13Project Monitoring and Control....13Handoff Documentation....15Conclusion and Reflection....17Appendix..19 3. 3Project CharterCRTA ProjectProject AuthorizationThis Charter formally authorizes the CRTA Project group to refurbish and replacecomputers that have been donated to the Lutheran Social Services of NorthFlorida. A project plan will be developed and submitted to the Project Sponsor,Mr. Peter Ott for approval. The project plan will include: scope statement;schedule and provisions for scope, schedule, communications, quality, andstakeholder management as well as project control. The Project Sponsor, Mr.Peter Ott, CRTA program manager, assigns all resources.Project ScopeThe purpose of the CRTA project is to refurbish computers that have beendonated to Lutheran Social Services (LSS). Our goal is to refurbish 30 computersover a 6-week period.The refurbish process includes formatting the hard drive of the computer(according to Department of Defense specifications), installing various parts toensure that the computer can run efficiently, installing the Windows 7 operatingsystem, and preparing the machine for distribution (cleaning, checkingperformance, etc.)The computers that are refurbished are then sent out to low-income familiesthroughout the community by the staff of Lutheran Social Services. Thesemachines are exchanged for a fee of $50. Project goals may be reassessedthroughout the project.Project Manager IdentificationThe Project Manager is hereby authorized to interface with management asrequired, delegate responsibilities within the framework of the project and tocommunicate with Project Sponsor, as required.Provide the summary milestone schedule6/7: Meeting with project sponsor/training6/14: 5 Refurbished Computers6/21: 10 Refurbished Computers6/28: 15 Refurbished Computers 4. 47/5: 20 Refurbished Computers7/12: 25 Refurbished Computers7/19: 30 Refurbished ComputersProject BudgetThe project budget will be defined by access to operational resources to be usedto restore computers to working conditions. Project Sponsor provides materials,and the amount of resources available will vary upon donation intake.Communication PlanVersion 1.1Date: June 27 2014Project Name: CRTA1.0 IntroductionThis document provides a summary of the communication plan for projectComputer Refurbishing and Technical Assistance Program. Included is a list ofthe main audiences for this project, the goals for each of those audiences, themethods used to reach the audiences, and the timing of the communications.2.0 AudiencesSponsor (or other audience):Our sponsor for this project is Peter Ott. Mr. Ott is the Program Manager for theCRTA program of Lutheran Social Services of North Florida. He will providetraining for the project and will also supervise our work for the duration of theproject.Goals Keep an open line of communication. Clear and efficient updates on project progress Quickly resolve any issues that may come up. Successfully complete the project under his supervision. 5. 5Method Face to Face meetings (Primary) Email Telephone FacebookOur group will meet with our sponsor once a week at our onsite project facility.We will also communicate via email during the week if any additional guidance,or information, is needed. Ciara Henderson will serve as our primary point ofcontact with out project sponsor via email. Emails will then be copied to the ChrisGlenn, the project leader, and then they will be distributed to the remainingstakeholders. In the event that either Ciara or Chris is ill, Thomas Ashey willtemporarily assume communications between Mr. Ott and the team.Peter Ott Contact information:Email: [email protected]: (850) 575-4309Project Team:The CRTA project team consists of 6 members. They are as follows: ChrisGlenn, Ciara Henderson, Tom Ashey, J.P. Marshall, Umair Mughal, Bilal Mughal.We are a group of Florida State University students enrolled in a projectmanagement course.Goals Keep an open line of communication between all group members Keep the Facebook page updated so that all group information is readilyavailable for all group members Project leads will keep the group members informed of any meetingchanges Report organizers keeping project managers up to date with restorationprogress Create and update a shift schedule for computer restoration Utilize computer progress sheetsMethod Social network (Facebook group page) (Primary) Email 6. 6 Group meetings Text messagesGroup Contact Ciara Henderson, primary point of contact, [email protected] Chris Glenn, secondary point of contact, project manager,[email protected] Tom Ashey, emergency point of contact, post meeting report manager,[email protected] J.P. Marshall, post meeting report manager, [email protected] Umair Mughal, recorder, [email protected] Bilal Mughal, progress report manager, [email protected] CommentsNone.WBS Version HistoryVersion Implemented By Revision Date ApprovedByApproval Date Reason1.0 Chris Glenn 06/17/2014 Chris Glenn 06/17/2014 CreateWBS1.1 Chris Glenn 06/26/2014 Chris Glenn 06/26/2014 Edit WBS1.1.1 JP Marshall 07/10/2014 Chris Glenn 07/10/2014 Edit WBS 7. 7Work Breakdown StructureVersion 1.1.107/10/20141. Initialization1.1 Project leads contact Peter Ott in regards to project via email1.1.1 Receive overview of project from project sponsor. * Distribute project overview to group1.1.2 Update group on potential project status1.2 Project leads meet with sponsor.1.2.1 Project leads accept project.1.2.2 Project leads arrange first meeting for group2. Computer Refurbishment Duration2.1 Team Training *2.1.1 Computer repair training2.1.1.1 Familiarization * Become familiar with computer components. Become familiar with required hardwarespecifications. *2.1.2 Safety training * Take note of various safety measures for the facility.2.2 Execution *2.2.1 Evaluate onboard hardware in PC. * Replace defective parts/scrap nonfunctional PCs. Reassemble PC with functional parts * Test PC *2.2.2 Obtain supervisor approval 8. Finalize repair by United States Department ofDefense Standard Three Tier Hard Drive Wipe. * If needed, install Operating System Software. *2.2.3 Sort and shelve completed PCs.2.3 Weekly Team Goals *2.3.1 Computer Refurbishing Goals2.3.1.1 Refurbish 3 computers or 2 hours on evaluation perteam member.3. Wrap Up *3.1 Project Results Evaluation *3.1.1 Evaluate Project Metrics3.1.1.1 Synthesize Refurbished vs. Discarded Ratios3.1.1.2 Count Hours Spent working3.1.2.3 Distribute refurbished PCs*Items with an asterisk are defined further within the WBS Dictionary on thefollowing page.WBS ELEMENT DEFINITIONSWBS Code WBS Element1.1.1 Receive Project Overview from SponsorWBS Element DefinitionThis is the first contact with project sponsor. We obtained general overview ofproject. The project consists of repairing donated computers, replacing certainhardware components if needed and installing the Windows 7 Operating System.These PCs are then distributed to low-income families throughout thecommunity. 9. 9WBS Code WBS Element2.1 Team TrainingWBS Element DefinitionPeter Ott, onsite sponsor, provides training. All training and supplies are of nocost to our group. Training covers two main sections: Computer repair andfamiliarization and safety.WBS Code WBS Element2.1.1.1 FamiliarizationWBS Element DefinitionThis part of training details the layout of the repair site (where to depositscrapped computers, where newly donated computers are sorted and wherefinished computers are sorted.) This section also details the different componentsof a PC (motherboard connections, RAM specifications, processor clock speed,SATA vs. IDE)WBS Code WBS Element2. Become familiar with required hardwarespecifications for salvageable equipmentWBS Element DefinitionEach computer is required to have: 2.1GHz processor 2GB of RAM DVD drive 80GB hard drive Functional USB portsWBS Code WBS Element2.1.2 Safety TrainingWBS Element DefinitionTraining on the facility safety exits, emergency lights, and location of fireextinguishers, hurricane / tornado preparations and safety protocols. 10. 10WBS Code WBS Element2.2 ExecutionWBS Element DefinitionEntails the process of refurbishing donated PCs.WBS Code WBS Element2.2.1 Evaluate Hardware on PCWBS Element DefinitionEvaluate the PC motherboard, RAM, SATA hard drive, power supply, CD-Rom,USB ports. Make sure that each part functions properly. Replace parts that aredefected or that are older version.WBS Code WBS Element2.2.1.2 Reassemble PC with functional partsWBS Element DefinitionInstall a DVD drive on the PC if there is none installed. Install a minimum of 2.1GHz hard drive. There needs to be a Minimum of 2GB of RAM.WBS Code WBS Element2.2.1.3 Test PCWBS Element DefinitionRun PC; make sure PC components match with what we see on the monitor,hardware should be the same.WBS Code WBS Element2.2.2.1 Finalize repair with DoD hard drive wipe.WBS Element DefinitionTo ensure that no previous data remains on the HDD, the Department ofDefense standard triple wipe program is run on the computer. This consists of 3passes: Pass 1: Writes a zero and verifies the write Pass 2: Writes a one and verifies the write 11. 11 Pass 3: Writes a random character and verifies the writeWBS Code WBS Element2.2.2.2 Install Operating System if NeededWBS Element DefinitionAfter making necessary repairs and wiping hard drive, install Windows 7 only ifrequired in the spec

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