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Campus Protest

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Campus ProtestLauren Guliasi

Student Activism & Tactical PerformanceStudent Activism: Students and other members of an educational community coming together to demonstrate about an injustice in an effort to make a change in society or their communityTactical Performance: use of performance techniques, tactics, and aesthetics in social movement campaigns to break away from common cliches and discourage violence from authorities

Bogad, Campus Protest, & Tactical Performance

Bogad lives in Berkeley and is a professor at UC Davis (~1 hr away from Berkeley)

Bogad, Campus Protest, & Tactical PerformanceGold MinerSit silently as the chancellor walked pastThriller flash mob

Students protest UC tuition hikes while expensive construction is underway and regents give themselves pay raises What did they do?Satirical GroupsClowns on college tour routesPepper Spray Cop

Classic: marches, walkoutsHad to endure: pepper spraying, beatings

Pepper Spray Cop Art

Historic Campus Protests

UC Berkeley, 1985Apartheid

Harvard, 1969Civil Rights Movement

Kent State, 1970Civil Rights Movement

Recent Campus Protests

Harvard Medical School, 2014Black Lives Matter Movement

University of Michigan, 1999Sweatshop Labor


Todays Campus Protests

UCLA, Nov 8, 2016Donald Trumps Election

University of Texas, Nov 9, 2016Donald Trumps Election

Todays Campus ProtestsUC Santa Barbara: High School:

QuestionsAre you familiar with any other campus protests?Have you participated in any campus or non-campus protests?Are protests on campuses more important than other protests? What is the difference?

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