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Street Protest

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Street Protest. Synagogue Vigils Ann Arbor, Michigan. Genesis. December 2002 Balata Refugee Camp. Our Goal: Stop U.S. Aid to Israel Considerations: Congress Creates and Supports Aid AIPAC (American-Israel Public Affairs Committee) Lobbies Congress - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Street Protest

  • Street ProtestSynagogue VigilsAnn Arbor, Michigan

  • GenesisDecember 2002Balata Refugee Camp

  • Our Goal: Stop U.S. Aid to IsraelConsiderations:Congress Creates and Supports AidAIPAC (American-Israel Public Affairs Committee) Lobbies CongressSupporters of AIPAC: Synagogue Congregants

  • TacticsRule: Never Compete Where Your Opponent Is Strong

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  • Balance

  • Military Balance Israelis PalestiniansTanks 2,950 0F-16 Fighter Jets 231 0Apache Helicopters 48 0Huey Cobra Helicopters 39 0

    Source: Janes Information Group

  • MetricsHave We Reached the Congregants?Have We Reached the Third Party?Have We Raised Consciousness?

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