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Web 2.0 Mindmapping & Brainstorming Tools: A Quick Guide

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Text of Web 2.0 Mindmapping & Brainstorming Tools: A Quick Guide

  • 1.Web 2.0 Mindmapping & Brainstorming Tools:A Quick Guide MOHAMED AMIN EMBICentre for Academic AdvancementUniversiti Kebangsaan Malaysia 2012

2. Table of Contents iTABLE OF CONTENTS PageCHAPTER 1MINDOMO What is Mindomo?...16 1 Benefits of Mindomo..1 Advantages of using Mindomo in education.2 Get started with Mindomo.. 3 References22 9CHAPTER 2MINDJET What is Mindjet?.............................................................................................10 Benefits of Mindjet for teachers .10 Get started with Mindjet312 References..9 19CHAPTER 3WISE MAPPING What is Wise Mapping?...16 20 Advantages of Wise Mapping. 20 Get started with Wise Mapping..18 21 References22 27CHAPTER 4BUBBL.US What is 28 Benefits of Ideas for usage as a research tool..29 Get started with 30 References40 3. iiTable of ContentsCHAPTER 5MAPULWhat is Mapul?............................................................................................... 41Advantages of Mapul.. 42Get started with Mapul....243References.849CHAPTER 6MIND42What is a Mind42?......1 50Advantages of Mind42........150Using Mind42...51Get started with Mind42.252References.662CHAPTER 7EDISTORMWhat is Edistorm?....58 63Benefits of Edistorm......64Using Edistorm in the classroom64Get started with Edistorm...60 66References6971CHAPTER 8WALLWISHERWhat is Wallwisher?70 72Benefits of using Wallwisher...70 72Using Wallwisher as a research tool.. 73Get started with Wallwisher7274References8082 4. Table of Contents iiiCHAPTER 9 GROUPZAP What is GroupZap?8183 Benefits of GroupZap...81 83 Get started with GroupZap...82 86 References85 91CHAPTER 10 SPIDERSCRIBE What is SpiderScribe?1 92 Benefits of SpiderScribe192 Advantages of SpiderScribe. 93 Get started with SpiderScribe...394 References.9 99 5. Chapter 1: Mindomo1 Chapter 1 MINDOMOWHAT IS MINDOMO?Mindomo is an online mind mapping tool and service that offers the perfectplace to developideasandbrainstormin team( OF MINDOMO 1. Easily recallable. 2. Easily modified. 3. Flexible (adapts to users needs). 4. Simple to use. 5. Flash based online tool. 6. Neat look.(Source: 038a1012f5a74f1e92d32f8677b87e8a mindmapping-tool/) 6. 2 Chapter 1: MindomoADVANTAGES OF USING MINDOMO IN EDUCATIONThe following are the advantages of using Mindomo in education:1. Recognize trends, clusters and other patterns in your information.2. Synthesize separate pieces of information into new knowledge.3. Retain information more efficiently.4. Enhance thinking and learning.5. Communicate information more effectively.6. Students can use mind maps to better understand and learn new concepts, identify key concepts easily, evaluate concepts and ideas, and improve problem solving.7. Students can create, edit, and share mind maps with teachers and other students.8. Mindomo can be used as a pre- and post-topic assessment tool. Students can preview a specified topic by creating a mind map to show what they know at the beginning of a lesson. Following a lesson or teaching unit students can review the material by creating a mind map showing what they have learned.(Source: 7. Chapter 1: Mindomo 3GET STARTED WITH MINDOMOSTEP 1Go to 2Creating an AccountClick the Sign Up button to create aMindomo account. Fill in therequired information. Then, click the SignUp button.Or, you can sign up using other accounts. 8. 4 Chapter 1: MindomoMindomo will send you anemail. Click the link given so thatyou can activateyour Mindomo account.STEP 3Creating Maps Insert the titleClick at theof your map.New Mapbutton.Click at the New button. 9. Chapter 1: Mindomo 5 Double click to edit the title ormain topic. (a) Inserting topic or subtopicChoose andinsert the typeof the mapping for topic andits subtopics. (b) Changing the maps theme Select thetheme you like. 10. 6Chapter 1: Mindomo (c) Changing the maps themeSelect thelayout of themapping mapthat you like.(d) Insert relationshipYou can insertand choose theboundary. 11. Chapter 1: Mindomo 7 Example of a mind mapping createdRelationshipBoundary.between the topic.Topics and sub topics.STEP 4 Mindomo Tools 12. 8 Chapter 1: MindomoSTEP 5Sharing MapsCopy theEdit yourlink given Share and share the public. Copy the embedcode given and paste it onto yourwebsite.STEP 6Exporting/Importing Files Go to File.Select Import from toimport themap you have created into Selectany imageExport toformat.export other files youreyour map. 13. Chapter 1: Mindomo 9REFERENCES [8 October 2012] [8 October 2012] [8 October 2012] [8 October 2012] [8 October 2012] 14. 10 Chapter 2: Mindjet Chapter 2MINDJETWHAT IS MINDJET?Mindjet is software for brainstorming, sharing ideas, creating plans,prioritizing tasks, and working across teams to implement projects.(Source: OF MINDJET FOR TEACHERSThe following are some benefits of Mindjet for teachers: 1. Course planning: Help teachers manage their many classes and numerous activities. 2. Research for lectures: Help teachers find and collect information for lectures. They also help teachers to keep track of latest development in their field and share that information readily with students. 3. Lecture compositions: Help teachers summarize, organize, and present lecture information. 4. Presentations: Teachers and students can collaborate during the lecture by jointly manipulating the lecture mind map, making lectures fun and creative. 15. Chapter 2: Mindjet 11 5. Assessment of students: Mind maps express students misconceptions just as clearly as their correct conceptions and can help students and instructors diagnose and remedy these misconceptions.(Source: 16. 12 Chapter 2: MindjetGET STARTED WITH MINDJET STEP 1Go to STEP 2 Creating an Account Click at this button. Fill in therequired information.Then, click the LETS GETGOING button. 17. Chapter 2: Mindjet 13Choosetype ofusage.Insert the requiredinformation.Click theCONTINUE button.This is how the Mindjet mindmap will looklike. 18. 14Chapter 2: MindjetSTEP 3Creating MapsOpen Mindjet and click at the New icon.Insert thetitle of your map. Choose the type of the template you like. Then, click atthe Createbutton. (a) Inserting a Topic Click at the Home tab.Use thesetools to insert a topic intoyour mind map. 19. Chapter 2: Mindjet 15 Floating topic.Main topic.Topic.(b) Topic ElementsGo to Topic Elements.Insert the URLaddress here to addWrite notes to your the hyperlink to your topic here. topic. 20. 16 Chapter 2: MindjetNotesadded. Fileattached.Image added.(c) Tasks 21. Chapter 2: Mindjet 17 Progress. Priority. Task done. (d) Boundary and relationshipClick at theInsert tab.Boundary.Relationship. 22. 18 Chapter 2: MindjetSTEP 4 Exporting Open your mindmaps and go to theHome tab.Then, click the Export button. 23. Chapter 2: Mindjet 19REFERENCES 24. 20Chapter 3: Wise MappingChapter 3WISE MAPPINGWHAT IS WISE MAPPING?Wise Mapping is the web mind mapping tool that leverages the power ofMind Mapsmixingnew technologies like HTML 5.0 and SVG.( OF WISE MAPPING 1. It is free. 2. It is easy to use. 3. It has an interactive interface. 4. It requires a sign up. 5. It allows you to create and edit colorful and complex mind maps using just mouse and keyword. 6. It lets you customize your maps by changing the border, text, shape and background color of your notes. 7. It has a sophisticated authoring editor to help you manage your maps. 8. You can share or save your mind maps right from the editor. 9. You can make your mind maps either private or public. 10. You can embed the image of your map anywhere you want online.(Source: 25. Chapter 3: Wise Mapping 21GET STARTED WITH WISE MAPPING STEP 1 Go to STEP 2Creating an Account Click the Sign UpFree! button or youcan try without loginfirst.Fill in the requiredinformation.Then, click the SignUp button. 26. 22 Chapter 3: Wise Mapping Click hereto start using wisemapping.STEP 3 Creating a map Then, click the New button. Insert the name and description To create a new of the map. map, go to My Maps.Then, click the Create button.This is an example ofThis is howmain topic your map will created. look like. 27. Chapter 3: Wise Mapping 23 (a) Inserting topics or subtopicsAn example of a topic and itssub-topicscreated.(b) Adding other tools 28. 24 Chapter 3: Wise Mapping Icon and note Relationship.added to the topic. Linkadded. STEP 4 SharingClick at thisicon and insertemail of the Click this iconpersons youto publish your want to sharemap. with. 29. Chapter 3: Wise Mapping 25Mark theEnableSharing button.Or click at thePublic URLs tab to copy the URLCopy the address. embed code and insert itonto your blog or page. STEP 5 Exporting Maps Click this icon to export yourmap. 30. 26 Chapter 3: Wise MappingChoose the format of the map you want to export.Then, click the Accept button. 31. Chapter 3: Wise Mapping 27REFERENCES 32. 28 Chapter 4: Chapt

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